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  • My name's Joseph Samuel. I'm a Director at BlackRock. I run one of the

  • development teams and the Aladdin product group. Aladdin supports every

  • single part of the asset management process, as a collection of systems and

  • software that are all put together that support portfolio managers, traders,

  • analysts, operations folks to perform the front-to-back

  • actions of an asset manager. When I came for the interview the thing that

  • convinced me to join was the people that I met. I thought I could learn something

  • from everybody that I spoke to, which is what really made me think yeah I'm ready

  • for the change. You can see that that it's our own

  • open space, it's very collaborative now. There's fewer places for closed meeting

  • rooms and lot more open spaces. We do a lot of kind of social activities down

  • here. We've got an Xbox, we've got a Wii, we've got board games. People are

  • free to just come and play and take a take a break whenever they want. One of

  • the big things that just happened actually is the BlackRock Hackathon. The

  • hackathon is our innovation competition, where people have to solve any problem

  • that they want across the business and that can range from a new way to book

  • rooms, to a new algorithm for portfolio managers you know that the problems have

  • no limit. What people get from this is they get to work on new ideas with new

  • people. There's a good sense of community because, the day job stops during the

  • competition just so everyone can get involved and they get exposure to really

  • senior judges across the company as well. I'm proud to work at BlackRock because I

  • really feel like the company's trying to make a difference and that we are making

  • a difference both in the culture inside the firm with technology and also what we

  • give to our clients.

My name's Joseph Samuel. I'm a Director at BlackRock. I run one of the

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