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  • Sometimes the tiniest errors in grammar, pronunciation, and spelling can lead to very bigand very funnyconsequences.

  • So be careful you don't make these mistakes in your speaking and writing.

  • 1. The correct sentence is: "Let's go to KFC to get some chicken.”

  • The incorrect sentence is: "Let's go to KFC to get some chickens.”

  • Unless you're talking about whole chickens, you'd just say "chicken" because meat is uncountable.

  • This is just confusing for chicken meat because most other meat names are different from the names of the animal that meat comes from.

  • Beef comes from cows.

  • Pork comes from pigs.

  • But chicken comes from chickens.

  • If you want to talk about the parts of a chicken, like the wings or legs, these are pieces of chicken.

  • Next, the correct sentence is: "Thanks always for helping me.”

  • A related sentence with a very different meaning is: "Thanks anyway for helping me.”

  • If you want to say thank you to someone for helping you many times, you'd say: "Thanks always.”

  • It's like, "Thank you for always helping me," or "Thanks for all of the help you've given me.”

  • But when you use "Thanks anyway," you're saying that the person was NOT able to help you, but you still want to thank them for their time or attention.

  • For example, if I ask someone for directions and they don't know where to go, I can thank them for their time by saying, "Thanks anyway.”

  • This would be correct and polite.

  • But if the person DID help me, I'd just say, "Thanks.”

  • Only when someone is helping you often would you use, "Thanks always.”

  • Next, the correct sentence is: "Thank you for your cooperation.”

  • The incorrect sentence is: "Thank you for your copulation.”

  • These two words do sound very similar.

  • "Cooperation" means working with other people, but "copulation" is a formal term for having sex.

  • So, be VERY careful with these two.

  • Remember "cooperate" as "co," meaning "with," and "operate," which means to do some kind of action.

  • Usually, when you want to ask customers or people to do something in a polite way, you'd thank them for their cooperation.

  • But you probably wouldn't thank them for copulating.

  • Next, the correct sentence is: "Time to eat, children.”

  • The incorrect sentence is: "Time to eat children.”

  • Funny how one little comma makes a VERY big difference in meaning.

  • With the comma, you're talking to someone.

  • Here, you're telling some children that it's time to eat.

  • But without the comma, you're saying it's time to eat some children.

  • Notice how my pronunciation is also different:

  • "Time to eat, children." "Time to eat children.”

  • Finally, the correct phrase is, "Executive Board Room."

  • The incorrect phrase is, "Executive Bored Room.”

  • These two sound the same, but a board room is where people, like the board members of a company, meet.

  • A bored room, if such a place existed, would be a room for people who feel uninterested, or have nothing to do.

  • Some board room meetings might be boring, but don't get these confused when you write!

  • Let me know which one of these was your favorite in the comments below.

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Sometimes the tiniest errors in grammar, pronunciation, and spelling can lead to very bigand very funnyconsequences.

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