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  • Whether you're a student or a working professional, it can be challenging to work from home with all your creature comforts and distractions.

  • In this video, we'll be sharing 7 tips that'll help you be more productive at home.

  • Let's get started!

  • 1. It might seem silly to dress up when you'll be at home all day, but we find that putting on the right clothes actually helps get you in the right mindset.

  • If you're in pajamas all day, it might be too tempting to just lounge around!

  • 2. We recommend doing all of your work in one place - and make sure it's not your bed, kitchen, or couch!

  • Pick a spot that's away from distractions and create an actual workstation.

  • Sit at a well-lit desk where you can sit ergonomically upright.

  • If you use a laptop, try to work off a monitor and separate keyboard to reduce strain on your body.

  • If you're reading textbooks, set them on something like the Raymay Kenko Adjustable Book Stand.

  • You can adjust the angle of the frame to promote good posture.

  • 3. Keep all of the supplies you need to work together.

  • If you're used to having everything in a backpack or laptop bag, stick with that.

  • Alternatively, a bag in bag is a great way to store essentials.

  • The Lihit Lab Teffa Bag in Bag is one of our top sellers and for good reason.

  • it has tons of compartments to hold everything you need, from notebooks, to pens, to other accessories.

  • That way, you'll always know where your supplies are!

  • A gadget pouch is also handy for organizing electronic accessories like chargers and headphones - our favorite is the Nakabayashi Digio2.

  • 4. It's important to have a neat workspace to clear your mind of distractions.

  • Use a case to keep pens and other small accessories from cluttering your desk.

  • We recommend the Sun-Star Delde Pen Pouch.

  • The top portion slides down easily to transform it into a pen stand.

  • Loose papers can be filed away in folders or other document holders, such as the Kokuyo Novita Alpha Clear Book.

  • It organizes all of your files in one place and makes it easy to flip through them all!

  • 5. We find it useful to write down our tasks in a planner or notebook when we start our work day.

  • A weekly planner like this one from Soumkine helps keeps you on track for the week, while a notebook like the Maruman Mnemosyne Today's Act helps you prioritize tasks for the day.

  • If you'd rather maximize the space on your desk, try the Kyokuto To Do List Sticky Notes.

  • You can stick a sheet on your laptop or monitor to reference your tasks.

  • 6. If your work allows for flexible hours, think about the times you are the most productive.

  • Are you a morning person or a night owl?

  • Work during the times you are most alert to boost productivity.

  • 7. Last but not least, remember to take five-to-ten-minute breaks every hour or so!

  • Staring at a screen or book for too long can cause fatigue.

  • You can do stretches, walk around outside, or grab a snack.

  • This will also help you come back to work refreshed and energized.

  • We hope these tips are helpful!

  • Do you have any work-from-home tips?

  • Share them with us in the comments below!

  • You can shop all of the products we mentioned at

Whether you're a student or a working professional, it can be challenging to work from home with all your creature comforts and distractions.

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How to Be Productive at Home: 7 Work-from-Home Tips

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