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  • Kvarøy is an island on the north coast of Norway.

  • We're located next to the Arctic Circle.

  • We have the midnight sun and everything.

  • My family started farming salmon in 1976.

  • So we're one of the oldest companies in Norway.

  • Some of the challenges we have in the industry in Norway

  • is all of those old myths on the way we produce the salmon.

  • Kvarøy Arctic is one of the most sustainable farms in the world for Atlantic salmon

  • and that's because we have been able to adapt

  • take on new technology.

  • Kvarøy came to us because they wanted to showcase why they're different.

  • Why their farm is sustainably grown

  • and produces some of the best fish that there is.

  • To start learning all the possibilities that are there with Food Trust was amazing.

  • The salmon industry has a lot of data but we don't use it.

  • We have camera systems,

  • we have loggers,

  • we have sensors.

  • What we were struggling with was connecting all the dots in between.

  • That's the amazing thing with blockchain and IBM Food Trust.

  • The fishing industry is unfortunately an industry

  • with a lot of cheating going on—a lot of mislabeling.

  • So they came up with ideas on how to use sensor data

  • to connect them to to make sure

  • that it's not like we can go into the system and just push in the numbers.

  • It's all data gathered straight from the system.

  • That gives the trust to the customers.

  • For us Food Trust is a movement.

  • It's really about helping peopleour consumersunderstand the food that we eat

  • and have a connection back to where our food comes from.

  • It's about to change the way we do business. Absolutely.

  • It's going to change not only the customer relation we have

  • but also the way we gather data from the farm

  • and use that data to improve everything we're doing all the time.

  • This will be a very important part of the way we do business going forward.

Kvarøy is an island on the north coast of Norway.

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Kvarøy Arctic, Atea and IBM Blockchain

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