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  • Beginning as an IBM research project in the 1970s,

  • IBM Power CPUs have been helping organizations

  • of all sizes innovate for decades.

  • "Reduced instruction set computingor RISC

  • pioneered by IBM.

  • Improved now with a second generation of RISC.

  • The POWER architecture.

  • Performance Optimization With Enhanced RISC."

  • "We believed we were making a more advanced RISC machine,

  • and we did whatever we thought was necessary

  • to get the best possible cost performance."

  • "Gary Kasparov has resigned the position,

  • in a stunning, stunning development."

  • "Watson."

  • "What is executor."

  • "Right."

  • "Same category, sixteen-hundred."

  • "AnswerDaily Double!"

  • IBM POWER-based CPUs

  • can be found in the smartest AI supercomputers in the world,

  • game consoles

  • and throughout the solar system in satellites

  • and in planetary rovers on Mars.

  • But POWER has been especially pivotal for enterprises.

  • Many of the world's largest banks,

  • retailers

  • and healthcare systems

  • literally rely on IBM POWER to power their business.

  • Now, POWER brings its legacy of innovation to the hybrid cloud

  • with the launch of IBM POWER10.

  • Designed over five years

  • with hundreds of new and pending patents,

  • IBM POWER10 is built to meet the needs

  • of enterprise cloud computing environments

  • that demand security, reliability and performance.

  • But what makes IBM POWER10 unique from its predecessors?

  • First, energy efficiency.

  • IBM POWER10 is IBM's first seven nanometer processor,

  • and it delivers three times greater energy efficiency and capacity

  • allowing for greater performance

  • and more work.

  • Second, scalability.

  • IBM has made memory more available in the cloud

  • with a significant breakthrough in IBM POWER10

  • called Memory Inception.

  • This all sounds very sci-fi,

  • but essentially, this clusters physical memory

  • across a pool of systems,

  • where any of the systems in the pool

  • can access the entire pooled memory

  • up to multi-petabyte memory clusters.

  • This allows for businesses

  • to reduce their costs on the cloud

  • for memory-intensive workloads.

  • Third, AI.

  • With AI improvements to its CPU cores,

  • IBM POWER10 delivers up to 20 times better performance

  • for AI inference workloads than IBM POWER9,

  • meaning it can take previously trained AI models

  • and deduce new information up to 20 times faster

  • than IBM POWER9.

  • This brings greater infusion of AI workloads

  • into typical enterprise workloads on the hybrid cloud.

  • And last but not least, Security.

  • In today's world of cyber threats,

  • your data needs to be secure,

  • wherever it resides.

  • IBM POWER10 has four times

  • as many encryption engines per core as IBM POWER9,

  • keeping your data safe in the hybrid cloud.

  • Over decades, IBM POWER has been elemental and vital

  • to shifting technology trends.

  • And as the world has changed and moved to the cloud,

  • POWER10 underscores IBM's belief

  • in the fourth platform of IThybrid cloud.

  • With co-optimized hardware and software,

  • IBM POWER10-based servers

  • will deliver the future of the hybrid cloud.

Beginning as an IBM research project in the 1970s,

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The Legacy and Future of IBM POWER with IBM POWER10

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