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  • - [Narrator] Semiconductors,

  • the foundation of data processing chips

  • at the core of computing,

  • are a critical component in everything

  • from our appliances to cellphones,

  • transportation systems, infrastructure,

  • and even national defense systems.

  • Transistors are a type of semiconductor.

  • The more transistors on a chip,

  • the more calculations it can perform

  • using the same amount of power.

  • The transistors are manufactured on silicon wafers

  • which contain hundreds of individual chips,

  • sort of like a high-tech cookie sheet.

  • Four years ago, IBM created a revolutionary architecture

  • designed to produce a chip

  • with transistor components as small as five nanometers.

  • Building on that breakthrough technology, this year,

  • IBM has produced the world's first two nanometer chip.

  • Its tiniest components are smaller than a strand of DNA.

  • Designed and produced by IBM Research

  • at its semiconductor research facility in Albany, New York,

  • this wafer contains hundreds of chips

  • the size of a fingernail,

  • each with 50 billion two nanometer transistors.

  • This technology is designed to help improve

  • calculation speed or boost energy efficiency,

  • depending on the job.

  • Where speedy complex calculations are the goal,

  • IBM's two nanometer design

  • is projected to achieve 45% higher performance

  • than today's seven nanometer chips.

  • Or if energy efficiency is the priority,

  • they are projected to use 75% less energy

  • than seven nanometer chips.

  • This breakthrough will help accelerate advancements

  • in areas such as AI, 5G and 6G, edge computing,

  • autonomous systems, and space exploration.

  • The two nanometer chip continues IBM Research's legacy

  • of contributions to semiconductor innovations.

  • These include the first implementation

  • of five nanometer and seven nanometer process technologies,

  • single-cell DRAM, the Dennard scaling laws,

  • chemically amplified photoresists, and many others.

  • Now that IBM Research has made it possible,

  • it shouldn't be too long before two nanometer technology

  • becomes the industry standard.

  • This kind of innovation from IBM Research

  • has kept IBM's technology on the cutting edge

  • from two nanometers chips,

  • to platforms like IBM Power Systems and IBM Z,

  • to quantum computing and beyond.

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IBM Unveils World's First 2 Nanometer Chip Technology

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