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  • Hi, I'm Sutton Foster and tonight I will be showing you my nighttime skincare routine.

  • Mm I am not a huge makeup wearing girl.

  • I really love like natural skin most days.

  • I don't wear makeup at all.

  • But when I'm working, it's like the first thing I want to do is wash my face and as far as like any type of self care or vanity things that I take care of is my skin is my number one thing.

  • My skin tends to be dry and sensitive.

  • I have a little bit of rose atia um that I just kind of flares out.

  • So I just try to use as many hydrating things as possible.

  • I have like under eye bags that I try to make sure I cream.

  • I remember one of my first facials, the facialist was like to use eye cream and I said no.

  • And she said you should.

  • So I try to use eye cream as much as possible.

  • People do ask me about my skincare routine because I, for many seasons had to play play a woman trying to pretend that she was half her age.

  • I go days with without even looking in the mirror sometimes.

  • So it was kind of like a weird, it's a weird thing to suddenly be so concerned about, about my skin and like how I looked and stuff for me.

  • It's like I just always want to age gracefully and try to be as natural as possible.

  • And I do feel like that's just as trying to take as best care as your skin as possible.

  • I like I ripped my eyelashes off first.

  • So because I have the steadiest smallest eyelashes ever.

  • So I ripped those guys off.

  • I mean I'm a huge fan of shanti guy.

  • The products are just incredibly gentle and fabulous, especially with the eyes.

  • I don't know, I feel like being as gentle as possible with them, you know, look at that.

  • Almost all that, all that makeup on that one.

  • Okay.

  • Oh gosh, so many things are coming off, very exciting.

  • That's like every time you go in, there's more, there's more to be found.

  • I have a tendency to smear my mascara smears everywhere when I, because I'm overly expressive I think.

  • And so, um but there's this mascara called elia that I have just discovered that is awesome and does not schmear and I don't get massive raccoon eyes.

  • It is awesome.

  • All right, this is a v in my solar water, so this is to take off all makeup and everything.

  • It's also very soothing.

  • I really, I can't go to bed.

  • You know, there's people that don't take off their makeup and they go to bed freaks me out.

  • Uh now you're gonna get a bare face now, you're really going to see my under eye bags.

  • Um It's so exciting.

  • I just feel like it never ending.

  • Oh no, I'm gonna need more pads.

  • I need more pads normally day to day.

  • If it's just me and left my own devices, I don't wear any makeup because I just, I don't know, I get, I get tired of it, but but today was a press day.

  • Um so I had more makeup than usual.

  • I usually just put on a little bit of uh just a little bit of coverage.

  • Obviously I kind of try to cover my uh, my under eye area and like even out my skin tone where the rose, I get a little red around my nose and stuff blue mascara lip gloss that keep it super, super easy.

  • I'm just gonna rinse my face.

  • This is an awesome, awesome eye cream that I just got introduced to.

  • That.

  • Super like very much so, super, like very much so yeah, this is Sicily paris and it's a black rose eye contour fluid.

  • It makes it sound fancy, but it's so nice because you do it on a little dooby dooby dooby, then you can just put it here and it's so nice.

  • Yeah, this is from my makeup artist, lisa and so she, she, she's the one who use this on me, which I really, really loved and then sometimes it could be a product that I guess most of time, it's like, most of time it's with a makeup artist where um someone tries something on you and you go on like a lot of it just how it makes you feel and it makes you feel hydrated are good or of course how can make you look as well.

  • So I struggle, I struggle with a little bit of rosetta here around my cheeks and my chin.

  • Um So this is just a fabulous product for anyone who has sensitive skin um is clinical and it's a shield recovery, especially when I'm wearing a lot of makeup or um having to go in and out of makeup, my skin gets more irritated.

  • So this is just a great way to this is just a wonderful calming products.

  • But yeah, I mean, I'm sort of constantly sort of trying new things and and then there's things like the wearing of masks which has affected my skin, like I've had to use, you know, acne washes and stuff.

  • Like, I mean, who knew that?

  • We were going to be starting to wear masks all the time.

  • So that's like a whole new thing.

  • I do see a dermatologist probably not as regularly as I as I should.

  • Um I mean I definitely have like very natural skin.

  • I haven't really done anything to my skin, but I do maybe once or twice a week.

  • I do like a light exfoliate.

  • Like I love um Lancers polish the polish I think it's called.

  • I really like that super gentle and I'll try to do that like once or twice a week.

  • I've tried a couple of different types of facials, but I'm you know, again I just want to have like I just want to try to keep my skin as as the best I can.

  • I'm not really interested in freezing time, I'm more interested in just having, you know, aging gracefully and having my skin for as long as I can.

  • And that is my nighttime routine.

  • Thank you so much for watching.

  • Mhm.

  • Yeah.

Hi, I'm Sutton Foster and tonight I will be showing you my nighttime skincare routine.

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‘Younger’ Star Sutton Foster’s Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR

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