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  • Today we are going to Australia to talk about an upside-down pie in a bowl of pea soup.

  • What's that?

  • Let's find out, with people also ask.

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  • Today's keyword is pie floater.

  • Many people have tried meat pie or pea soup, both of them are great and tasty.

  • But what if, you put the pie on top of the pea soup?

  • Then it becomes a pie floater!

  • According to our first PAA.

  • What does a pie floater look like? which extracts its answer from Wikipedia, A pie floater commonly

  • consists of a traditional Australian-style meat pie, usually sitting, but sometimes submerged,

  • traditionally upside down, in a bowl of thick pea soup made from blue boiler peas.

  • By the way, why it is called blue boiler peas, it's obviously green.

  • But...anyway.

  • Who thought of putting a pie on top of a bowl of soup, must be a genius.

  • Let's talk about our next PAA, Who invented the pie floater? the answer was extracted

  • from an article titled "1890s Pie floater invented in Port Pirie" published by

  • which is a very interesting website compiling the food history of Australia from the 1770s

  • to 2020s.

  • This website is founded by Jan O'Connell, the Autor of the book "A Timeline of Australian

  • Food" According to this article, the pie floater was likely invented by a Port Pirie baker

  • known as Ern 'Shorty' Bradley.

  • Legend has it that he invented the pie floater in the 1890s, but the first printed record

  • is from 1914 when he advertised his evening coffee stall in the Port Pirie Recorder, which is

  • a newspaper published in Port Pirie, South Australia since 1885.

  • His cart was positioned near the Casino cinema, and Bradley invited people toslip across

  • to the Coffee stall and have Good Supper”.

  • He offeredHot Pies and Pasties and a Specialty.

  • Hot Saveloys, Rolls, and Floaters.

  • The Pie Floater soon became a popular dish at the many pie carts that operated in Adelaide

  • in the late 19th and early 20th century.

  • Another fun fact mentioned in this article: The term 'floater' was originally used in

  • England, where dumplings for soup are described as floaters or sinkers.

  • It's not clear how this term came to be applied to the pie and soup combination.

  • But, what is a pie cart?

  • Let's talk about pie cart culture in our next two PAAs: What is Pie Cart? and Is the pie

  • cart still in Adelaide?

  • The article answers these two questions is titled "The 'Pie Floater', Adelaide's most

  • famous culinary contribution?"

  • . This article is published by, which appears to be City of Adelaide's official

  • website, even I am actually not sure about it.

  • Let me know if it's right.

  • According to this article, Pie floaters have traditionally been served from horse-drawn

  • or hand-drawn pie carts or vans which were a fixture of the city of Adelaide as far back

  • as the 1860s.

  • The central business district supported up to 13 pie carts in the 1880s.

  • In recent times, however, pie carts have dwindled.

  • And the last surviving regular pie cart, the Cowley's cart, closed in 2010.

  • You can still get quote on quote "an inferior version of the South Australian pie floater"

  • served at Cafe de Wheels which is an iconic pie cart located on Cowper Wharf Road in Woolloomooloo,

  • but according to the author it is quote on quote "not a patch on the 'real thing'."

  • That is extremely sad, I wonder if there is any restaurant still serving traditional authentic

  • Pie Floater?

  • Today we learn that some British call dumplings in the soup "floater", but now the term can also be used

  • to describe the pie in pea soup.

  • There is a delicacy in Australia called pie floater, which traditionally served from a

  • pie cart.

  • However, the last surviving pie cart, the Cowley's cart was closed in 2010.

  • And someone needs to revive this tradition!

Today we are going to Australia to talk about an upside-down pie in a bowl of pea soup.

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Pie Floater: Meat Pie on Pea Soup and Pie Cart Culture

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