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  • oh what is this place it's me  secret lab where experiment

  • oh mr crabs this looks like madness you  think this is mad oh wait do you see

  • sandy what are you doing down here i'm  moonlighting as a molecular gastronomist  

  • what i'm a ladder in the gastric water eugene  here is paying me to science up his menu look  

  • i'm in a hurry we have this special project well  it's a work in progress there it is your new patty  

  • wait no you can't improve the krabby patty it's  perfect perfection that cannot be perfected upon  

  • yeah right sansa says design maybe 200 of these  pronto here you go gentlemen two brand new patties

  • step right up and get your new improved patties

  • many secret patties later  i'm leaving a good review  

  • so tasty hmm a little bit  different but they taste familiar  

  • well that wasn't familiar you feeling okay because  there's sesame seeds growing out of your back

  • what's going on oh i never should have  eaten four they're making everyone change  

  • maybe i'll pass on this patty

  • mom

  • yeah yeah i'm on my break come on

  • really krabs is this some kind  of new promotional gimmick  

  • surely you can do better than this eugene i mean  even wasted real pickles on this cheap costume

  • pretty insulting if you ask me

  • nice

  • hmm that's not so bad all original krabby  patty why did we forsake your perfect recipe

  • no thanks

  • maybe i'll be safe in here till this all blows  over moments later this is perch perkins reporting  

  • live from the krusty krab where i am one of  three people still unaffected by this rabid  

  • patty pandemonium the second unaffected person is  in this dumpster care to comment sir on the chaos  

  • coach perkins how did you know i was in herewas napping in this dumpster when you snuck in  

  • take seeking refuge who's the  third person not affected me

oh what is this place it's me  secret lab where experiment

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