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and crash test anything
yeah i think if you dare arafat when i was you know
trying to determine if i don't think it's a movie that
as soon as the movie ends you want to talk about with people like strangers
sitting next to you like i was like i'd some people start talking to about it
but next to me and i was like meaning of poverty here though
but it's that says so much about the movie yeah
itself i don't have to be a little bit structure as to what it is here herself
soak you might not be plays this bad ass super corporate sky and that he hires we
are dicaprio and his team
to implant and idea in the mind of killing murphy who is his competitor in
the air to the competitors empire
and on
big deal about how it's so much more difficult to make lance an idea that the
steel died rightly or nearly mailing avila buddies are extractors leah's
knows a master extractors while you are sleeping he can go inside your brain
and steal ideas as if they are alike
documents in a safer or whatever
this time he's hired two plays an idea in there which is nasa's action and it's
really hard to do we'll have to be nyse berries people and none ellen pages the
architect what is known as the maze we'll could build a maze
he doesn't want to do it anymore for reasons that become are all these as a
film comes out to have to do with his past as well and the emotion that is in
the film even leo story and the reason
the he's on the run as uses and there already
and his wife and throw anything can thank you for the crime he didn't commit
sound right now i get that i just wasn't feeling
the immediacy of that it felt like there wasn't much of me
you see to it but none of the blackness takecare and tried over and photo i dot
e advocate now silly idea and everything it can be done
bright anti-missile
i'd i get that i did feel the motion there and i did feel sympathy but i
didn't feel
unnoticed before out on a certain level of just left me a little cole just fell
you know that for instance at no point
so long as you go unseen you get really a mostly behind and i think of something
like e_t_ right if he comes back like in the audience stanza pictures
right product little girl every time and i noticed the in that space ship in the
home the right answer
satisfaction hal every time i didn't you know in movies like
at you know
you think about
the first time you saw me like starbucks right would move blows up the best r
people chair
there's no cheering there's nothing three you know it is very serious ends
the you know when the when it comes to the credits
the sound of that one up from the crowd was mini-van incredibly alike
it's not a exact analogy but reminds me when i was a kid and i saw the crying
game where first few days after came out for a few we're talking about right and
the sound that would help from the compound with you steve davidson allison
was just like y
billybobbosen there was a sound like that at the
divergences i hope there's a sequel
take ok burning down here and i think this is a damn near perfect right you
know i think you have to try to find fault with right it'd be a near-perfect
but its
that you know it left me a little called at night and that's
the lack of passion towards the characters is the only thing i think
that you are not from a high scores of every unit so i think it's a fantastic
over here
absolutely go see it
we're actually getting rapped you're safe
ali not okay but i think
without doubt on the health not it is anywhere
on the third he read he requested great
there and then later bristol actually affect the where three b layer it has
different timeframe so at least six minutes is ten hours is a year someplace
it's really worked there up in a little ice
kiwi part are you this the snowy part
i have to stop the book he where are they really now i realize okay don't
airplane from sydney to
a ten writes like electoral think you're going to the pecorino alex there in the
hotel nobody actually
you know at one point there are
five different levels going on for the subconscious bird riot depending on how
you wake up
maybe there's actually sets it
and speaking of the car chase like
you know the seat of the car chases in every movie this car chase was it
doesn't take a messy spectacular in terms of stunned serves nobody's
terrifying because it was this david coincided silva warner boulder albright
all unconscious
as the guy he's had to decide sky is the hijacking anyway it was really well i
thought he plays in the rain and then there when it was really great nolan
look about and what's also about that particular car chase is it's it's scary
so it's probably the scariest part resisting really
since desperate
you know it's terrifying because you know what's at stake and yet
that's what's that's what's amazing many got you know she lied in their back in a
motion you've got to be a figure
yeah through
impending three million mckee's story like the way that that resolves itself i
thought that was pretty emotional to like wendy
when he gets that when he finds out the stuff from his dad and weekend all life
but it wasn't but that was in but that was that record but is that you had to
get to give like
you know for to feel like it's your own idea that has to be a catharsis and like
a positive right feeling so much better than the native one that look like when
the strength of planned out the whole thing but
or did the idea we need to plan is
i need to pick up a closed up
how are we going to get there and they have to create this interact huge
however it's been one of the things i thought was great about this mary one of
the things that was i've got a fascinating was that
they all had a hit and rios character to
and presumably his wife's character
have a background
architecture they worked psychologists or psychiatrists
architect city et al haig frankie goes and finds
you know when you talk about how we need to architect
and then you realize
he literally
a needs a new architect
i thought that was fascinating it was such a interesting turn
on how to
deal with
the minded if you think about what an architect needs to know
is very close to psychology do need to know about
of the fire it
affects people and what they're going to looking for and how to shepherded
adjourning i thought that was really intelligent
i think it was kinda cool all their names
kind of mean some things as a tolley geeky thing ellen page's characters
named area agni right who in greek mythology is the one who has led p_c_s_
back through the laboratory cousin deflated mit arh helps lead in bacteria
with red thread
bright physicians when read the whole time
yesterday was very happy
yes pat obviously wrinkle yards name ismael
reichardt is bad news history right and stand pin for you guys ever illegality
family i think that is as well
so happy end there in the plane they always got freight that they've been
playing to the idea into a market etc
leo wakes up and has a kind was revised number with all their characters he
looks time party without use of the can one ninety
and they love back again with with repetition like dot com
happened we were all there together kelly murky wakes up like they're all
strangers still ideas to share it like depending on the level they were on
minister days are our three years of his life with these people
why doesn't he know who they are to well my take on
particular bit is that
they're all given each of them out of job well done ok job everybody where's
he's waking up and he's kind of doing it
of these people on the part of its rally in the pantry
yet as i said yes and i think his medication that when linda lee brown
make their little concoction to decided to put them all under
to keep them out at like memory or anything element to make
killian repeat a member of the idealist implanted in his head but not the
process by which i don't lays thinks i am if there was a look at as they
actually i think
in my might hurt my personal interpretation of any
is that the battle when interesting because the entire thinks it will
you know i i think
really wouldn't have had macro
i think that that this is the huge or are you thinking or they start talking
about one dollar and the danger
being caught in somebody else's dream i think from the first frame of the movie
that we see
rios and window
when your own in his own limbo okay i think he's in his own limbo because it
because of all because of something i think that he's in his own window
i think that the stuff about probably has happened
i think that he's in his own and there's a few hints of that right they make a
big deal about the totem and then he talks about how he's got his wife tell
really work right for him to be in a it should probably be his own and so
intensities howling at the end when the top keeps going
right etc
i think that he's inland all the time and there's a couple of
the two big clueless in different ways for me
that made me think that i started suspecting withdrew started suspecting
michael canes character from vary from one of three first things he says
toledo's comeback trail
which i thought was a little whip up a bit of a weird things that
and then when they're in that room with all the sleepers that
been calling the opium
right when he's in that room in the old man is saying
you know they're here to wake up you of all people should know
lab upset
thrilling fragments of energy on might
my perception is he's in limbo all along
pages character area has been since in there to get him begin at the name
uh... and she doesn't
and she's unsuccessful see what was the thing is
i actually kind of thought the i sort of thought in some ways the opposite i
thought that
my i was working with in the end of michael caine was the mastermind that he
was the one who wanted
who thought that
the company should be broken up and everything
and the way that he tends
also to some of you maybe want to get some revenge on the united healthcare i
thought that maybe
michael caine basically plantain idea in un
in uh... what if it in my doggies it
who did the idea their behavior did that
but they did something wrong with reunited capra
right but you don't really know what it is but it could shift to come to the
ideal organically
and what he comes to at the end is
maybe he's goin maybe he has to stay here
maybe this is all right detective winters like wind wins the the ban is
end i mentioned just poured levitt are there in india and exactly i think that
i quit again she's like
knowledge will be ok or something
she says something to that effect where it's like no it's gonna be alright
william go back down into the perfect or a double take and what not to go
he but he doesn't mean that
opt for no tho
he yes he needs to go back and get watanabe edit takes him
twenty something year
rescind that
layer two-foot together
and uh... you know what the that's also kit is also like win-win
when lee is on the plane i mean when they wake up at the in the movies
walking through the airport to talk about when you're in your dream and
people are making eye contact it's because their one those people are
wondering whether this is the that like the recognizing that it's a dream
section so i feel like leo is walking through and he's kind of looking at all
they're all looking at him he's looking at them
and it's either
did what happ
that we think that just happened that really happen or
or is this a dreamer not that they kind of
in his own projection are confirming notes real
it's real like this is what let but it seemed particularly if he wants a happy
married life we go to the passport but you know the password and like they're
kind of looking at each other about what he's going to get through or not
but you really want to get the city projects that out and then that's
actually what happens
seaview like matt theory it's all still a dream
that you know when they get off the plane to go through constantly goes home
with kids you got still a dream still there even if even if everything up to
the plane ride is not
a dream
he never wakes up out of play
at the very least who never gets out of think it ends with yellow eyes with his
was my fear is that
everything i can tell that i was also
he's already in limbo
yeakel drought i did not occur to me and i think they're the top spitting on the
will divide hinted fellow
well that is that one person one
miriam co-chairs front it's like maybe durable world has been because
is again you're running around all over the world in like going if you like
maybe that's the dream
but then he sort of
rejects that he basic under projects that
that you have unlimited money
yet when you decide you want to go i will be the only people only when the
old one of the things that somebody put it out was you know his his
his team is ubiquitous you know what families people
just drop in whenever they need and it's it's theirs that defense mechanism that
you start thinking maybe
maybe that's
part of what's happening in the limbo for maybe he's just all manufacturing
you know now granted you watch aboard movie n enemy agents are coming out of
the woodwork right like there's some big
crazy conspiracy so you know that might just be the artifice of
that one of these people are everywhere when they need
right but he's he's
you know he shows up as such the right time
leaders are his entire life
yeah it is for the rich mastermind sort of died stuff happens
yeah i was as women whether it was thing where the
old thing is all supposed to be a dream but i was warning
does it take that off that much like to be leaders of the start and i gotta tell
you this is the thing that i thought and williams you know i had that moment
you know my first clue was when
and partly cuz im you know
hyper aware watch and having read so many reviews
because i was towards it's exactly
you know when michael caine says come back to reality and then when the old
man said
you should know about wanting to wake up or something
something like that
you know if this is a personal based on what he did with the proceeds based on
what happened with with memento
you know what he's doing is he's doing the unreliable narrator so there is a
reality is your argument that the whole thing to do
housings reality in the beginning but
and he'd never get but then he never gets out of this century cut
that the other the question of white region by do you know if you're dreaming
or not
meghan put yard was there
he would know that he was dreaming
but because she dies and then he goes into the forwards has him in his kids
and he's back home in everything's great
then he would have no way of knowing if you if you are not 'cause that's this
great life in in this idea that that you know in the end maybe it was in my mind
that meeting michael caine was the one who made the unsolvable maze
you know and that that is so seamless and so perfectly and he's going to lean
on capitol hill broken so in the he made you know that you might have
masterminded the whole thing
and that may be to decide okay this it would be bad for the world if this
country gets the monopoly on energy or whatever
we need to break that up
but to do that maybe someone has to be quite
maybe some not everyone's going to make it out and maybe it'll be reunited after
a maybe because he killed my daughter
or it could just be that maybe they accept p_b_s_ accepted well he's so
screwed up
that he's just going to throw he's going to be cohesive happier in this world is
also under so much of the home page saying
your risks to everybody
like you to tell everyone what a risk you are you putting everyone in danger
if you can keep on going onto doing this because he was getting closer and closer
to the zedge where where you know where majlis jeopardizing every single thing
that happens or she or some kind of drops down from the rafters in should
still be murphy that iran and of course the tried and true one laptop
russia is a statement may be getting
the tried and true when left titles and we have to see though
the just going to fight scene albright was out of the greedy that was one of
the intervention ever say should be mentioned it was easier
okay you know the shaky can used in the tracy and i didn't have any problem with
report that was very effective
but yes you know taking the idea from the
fred astaire murray what is that
where he did slip material wrote a caravan embarrassed by that time
there yet elegant right and they do the rumors hitting at the fight scene as the
they rotates attitude
it's going to email yet
but you don't see the uh... the whole retreat but you just see them just
following it weird ankles right deadly europe being flung gets one one one and
sliding across the floor in the opposite erected in growing up in the seal
again yeah
i thought that was really really cool faculty asked that the navy out though
that the lower hwy
floated to the hotel room in all kinda like suspended back in whatever seats
they were in when he fell asleep like
rights and again if you know it has its gorgeous and politics in any otherwise
they'll believe enough
g_-seven i mean this is what i want an invite we talked about it features
okay but does that give it the different interpretations of it and it's like i
think at this point with the movie on the you know just coming out it's hard
to say who's right or wrong like
i think you could
although i would say it as opposed to any movies like cheap by people are
comparing it to it krueger can and stuff like that like
he doesn't want to buy a hundred different people watch it on two times
and no one witnesses agree on how tense
like this when you might get it
for your fourth handicap led to watch it why the water there's no way to ever
possibly hispanic even on one or two being with that
jeff eight
by thank you so much for hanging out with that's awfully you enjoy a little
extra time here
jonathan thanks again and that we must end this week if we do the v_ salts
angelina jolie is self
will let you know thanks till then take care and diaper bag
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Inception - Ending Analysis (SPOILER)

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hovie published on August 7, 2014
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