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In Paris, food and wine is an obsession and the city stands as the culinary center of the most gastronomic country in the world
Here, the restaurant comes in many guises and price ranges
from ultra budget canteens to three star Michelin gourmet
Choose wisely and you'll be rewarded with fresh, local ingredients,a reliance on natural flavors, and a flamboyant display of expert techniques
There are dozens of premium wine producing regions throughout France,
and the country's refinement of viticultural skills have made French wine a benchmark for quality
France also boasts over 500 varieties of cheese
So there's plenty on offer from the local fromagerie
Merchants often let you sample what's on offer before you buy, and they're pretty generous with their advice
The baguette is a French national icon,
with over 80% of the population tucking into one at every meal
The recipe for baguette dough is even strictly defined under French law
Parisians love their desserts
And judging by the eye-catching displays at pastries across the city, they can't get enough of them
The most common house specialities are fruit tarts, eclairs and pastries stacked with cream
Wherever you go in Paris,
if you approach food and wine with even half the enthusiasm that the French do,
you'll be welcomed, encouraged and very well fed
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Paris: the capital of fine food - Lonely Planet travel video

25924 Folder Collection
Amber Chang published on August 7, 2014    Amber Chang translated    許瓊文 reviewed
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