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  • Hey for lovers and welcome to Storytime.

  • I'm orange and I'm cece.

  • Whoa.

  • I usually do these with pair.

  • Well apparently not today.

  • What happened did he call in?

  • Sick?

  • Yeah.

  • Sick of you now what's today's story?

  • I totally didn't read it, wow.

  • Well I didn't read it either.

  • That's usually pairs job.

  • But today we're telling the story of batman, I don't know that story very well, but I sure do you know the theme song Batman?

  • Okay, here we go.

  • Let's just bat wing it the best we can.

  • Okay, so one thing I do know is that batman's real name is Bruce Wayne.

  • Why does he have two first names?

  • I don't know, probably the same reason his superhero name is to mammals.

  • Anyway, what I don't remember is the name of the city he lives in Gothic city, Gothic, bold century Gothic.

  • Pretty sure those are font.

  • Who got city cost city?

  • Yeah, that's, it sounds like the kind of place that has a hot topic on every corner.

  • That's exactly the kind of place it is.

  • And one day when young brucie my first two names and his Brazilian air parents were leaving one of God's cities, numerous hot topic locations.

  • His parents got murdered.

  • Whoa.

  • Who killed him?

  • I don't know.

  • I'm pretty sure it was that batman.

  • Well, that almost makes too much sense.

  • But hold on.

  • Why were his parents so rich?

  • Well, you know how bat poop is?

  • Like really expensive?

  • Who doesn't?

  • I'm pretty sure they were trafficking bat poop and then bat mafia put out a hit on him.

  • Okay.

  • It was kind of making sense before, but now it's making complete sense.

  • Of course it was a bad hit.

  • You hit things with the bat.

  • My mind is below one right now.

  • My mind just literally mush.

  • Let's continue.

  • Okay, so here's the part I'm confused about.

  • If bats killed his parents, then why did he dress up like them all the time?

  • Isn't it obvious to blend in so we can take them out from the inside from the inside of what?

  • Probably their bat caves.

  • Oh, there's a term I somewhat recognize.

  • We must be on the right track.

  • Okay, so batman gained entrance to the evil bats cave, how to get in?

  • I don't know, he'd probably better ring the doorbell or something nice, but point is he got inside and that's when he went back crazy on him.

  • He was punching out bed every this way and that he thought you unclear through a cloud.

  • That's why the clouds always looked like that in the movies.

  • Who did he punch, went through a car and that's why the battlefield looks like a bat Orange.

  • Don't be ridiculous.

  • Sorry.

  • Anyway, after avenging his parents death, he teamed up with Robin whose parents were murdered by Robin's.

  • Whoa, Robbins can kill people.

  • Their murderous savages.

  • Orange.

  • How do you think they're chest got so red?

  • Oh my goodness, I'm learning so much today.

  • Wait so catwoman.

  • Her parents were murdered by cat, the penguin penguins.

  • Yeah, they have really sharp beaks.

  • What about MR freeze?

  • I think you already know the answer.

  • His family was murdered by popsicles.

  • Birthday.

  • Yes.

  • Oh, I've never trusted particles.

  • Not one bet.

Hey for lovers and welcome to Storytime.

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The Annoying Orange - Storytime: Batman!

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