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JACOB SOBOROFF: You're like, three.
Have you even heard of "Portal?"
Whoa, whoa whoa, whoa!
LIZZIE: It's having a good time, though.
It's all right.
Your dad's got a lot to live up to.
-Yeah, Dad.
Get on it!
Learn how to work After Effects and make me a portal gun,
-What's up, everybody?
Happy Father's Day out there.
This very special episode goes out
to all the dads, the uncles, the brothers,
the father figures in your life.
-And the video that you just saw is made by a super awesome dad.
He's actually an animator at DreamWorks.
And a couple months ago, he started putting up
these videos where he does this crazy stuff with his kid.
And he actually just got signed to UTA because of it, I think.
-Which means ultimate top dad.
LIZZIE: These guys are awesome.
They have 171,000 subs.
You should definitely be one of them.
He puts out these videos all the time
and they're super adorable.
-My dad never made a VHS tape that
was seen 1.4 million times.
Just saying.
-Ladies and gentlemen, BatDad is a dad who's also a bat man.
-Where's Mommy?
-She's at jury duty.
-If you don't stop kicking my seat,
I'm gonna take the string cheese.
-Can I have the mask?
-Can I have the mask?
-Can I have the mask?
My car!
-Oh my god.
-Would you like some Pez?
LIZZIE: The wife is my favorite, 'cause she always
looks extra pissed when he does the BatDad stuff.
It's like, you can tell he's springing it on her
and that's the best part.
JACOB SOBOROFF: They were a series of Vines
and they're putting them all together
on this one video that's got almost 700,000 views.
Lizzie, this is one of my favorite videos
of this episode.
Lizzie's now responding to my BatDad voice.
-I'm about to show you a video of a kid getting beat.
-No, no!
I don't want to see this!
-He's playing drums on the kid.
-You see?
-You ready?
-I like that he's giggling, and you just hear
the oo-ee-oo-ee-uh.
-Yeah. [LAUGHS]
MILES: The video's pretty popular.
It's got over one and a half million views.
This guy's actually a drummer in this band
called Atticus Avenue.
MILES: They jokingly say it keeps his skills sharp
when he's not on the road.
ALEX: Do they play on multiple kids?
They actually are a traditional band.
Did your dad play any instruments?
-He plays the banjo.
-Did he ever play you like a banjo?
-Ali, I'm gonna tell you a little story.
When I was growing up, my dad, a jovial man,
had this sweet moustache like all firefighters do.
-My dad had a moustache too!
-But he wasn't a firefighter.
-Came home one day, distracted me with a funny hat,
only to tell us all that he had shaved
his moustache after like 10 years.
-Oh no!
-And it was traumatizing.
So I understand.
This one-year-old girl finds out her dad no longer has a beard.
ALI: Oh, she's following him.
Oh look, come on!
CARLY: Your childhood is about to change, small one-year-old.
-Hi, Dot.
CARLY: He shaved his beard incredibly fast!
ALI: He looks so much younger.
-Oh, so sad.
-You miss the beard?
CARLY: This is the moment where it's
hard to remember children are beautiful.
ALI: But now he can't do anything about it.
He can't-- [LAUGHS].
Oh, I guess he can do something about it!
-Good luck to her.
-It's just downhill from here, small child.
-All right, Carly.
You're about to see a little girl be very, very confused.
-My favorite kind of video.
ALI: So imagine you are a baby and you're meeting someone
with the exact same face as your dad.
This is her dad.
He's taking his baby girl to meet
her uncle, who is his identical twin.
-Oh, my baby's so confused!
-She confused--
-Look at her look at him! [LAUGHING]
-First off, she has an incredibly handsome dad
and uncle.
-So good for her.
ALI: She does a double take.
CARLY: So cute!
I need to make some identical friends
and then introduce them to babies.
-Well, according to our viewers, that's Lizzie.
-Oh yeah, that's true!
-So I should stand in between you and Lizzie just
doing the double take.
-Which one is which?
-Jacob, the video that we're gonna watch
is from "Convos With My 2-Year-Old."
Super popular channel.
Has over 700,000 subs.
So click the mousy button.
JACOB: Wait, the two-year-old's three now.
LIZZIE: Yeah, that's right.
She actually is three now.
-Why are you so yittle?
--[SIGHS] Why are you just so little?
-I'm not little.
-Stand up.
-I like his butterflies.
-Your head doesn't even touch the roof.
-Your head doesn't even touch the roof!
Kids are amazing.
-Well, I'm bigger than you.
-Mm, no.
-No, I'm way bigger than you.
JACOB SOBOROFF: So this is actually
back and forth the actual conversations?
He takes them verbatim and then does this
with one of his friends, and they just blew up.
JACOB SOBOROFF: What's sweet is he
actually has the conversation with his daughter.
-You want to you know what my kid's gonna look like?
-Can you hand me that, please?
Hey, buddy?
(HIGH VOICE) Hey, Dad! (NORMAL VOICE) It's weird.
-Think about this coming out of your wife, Jacob.
Would it be horrible if this is what came out full sized?
-I think I might hold off on fatherhood then for a while.
Hey you guys, thank you so much for watching.
Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.
Happy Father's Day to all the father figures in your life.
Happy Father's Day, Dad.
-Happy Father's Day, Chip Bassett.
I love you.
And also, we have a great play list
for you coming up after the show with lots more awesome dad
-Now play us out.
-Hasan Baba!
-Dude, this is literally how I dance in every YouTube Nation
MALE SPEAKER: I think we're done.
-OK, cool.
Happy Father's Day.
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1483 Folder Collection
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