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  • today I am going to answer the question how can  I sharpen my listening skills very simple first  

  • you need to know what your level is okay based on  your level you need to find appropriate material  

  • appropriate resources and then I'm going to tell  you what to do okay right now I am on youtube  

  • looking for a channel called unbox therapy  one of my favorite channels he is reviewing  

  • tech and technology so first I type in the name  of the channel okay Unbox Therapy, you can see  

  • the channel and then there's a filter here right  click on that and then try to find subtitles can  

  • you see that cc which means closed caption but  this one is subtitled they are the same somehow

  • okay then you can see a bunch of videos related  to him or to his channel okay randomly I open this

  • so I open the video all you have to do is first to  listen okay listen, stop and write again listen  

  • stop and write oh I couldn't understand that go  back rewind listen again and write again go back  

  • stop listen write okay you need to keep doing this  until you can find the correct sentence as you are  

  • feeling that those sentences are correct once you  finish doing it once you finish doing that now  

  • you have a script and you have the material  the resources right so then open the CC 

  • and check what you have just written and try to  check it and find out the problems and then try  

  • to fix them I know this is very boring extremely  boring but it is super super effective okay  

  • keep doing this so this technique is called  transcribing what you're basically doing  

  • is you're transferring the audio into a script  that is why you are basically transcribing okay  

  • whatever you're hearing you stop the video you  stop the audio whatever your resource is and then  

  • you're trying to write it exactly word by word  sentence by sentence and once you finish doing it  

  • again as I said earlier go back and check it  after doing this for a couple of times maybe for  

  • a couple of months I guarantee that this technique  this strategy or method can tremendously help  

  • you to sharpen your listening skills and I hope  this video could be the answer for those people  

  • who are looking for the question how cansharpen my listening skills until next video  

  • but wait if you are getting value out of this  video don't forget to subscribe, like, share  

  • and leave your comments under the video until  next video live long and prosper take care  

  • okay go to Cambridge Dictionary this is online  free legal and I highly highly recommend everybody  

  • almost everybody to use this very dictionary  because it is super super easy to understand

today I am going to answer the question how can  I sharpen my listening skills very simple first  

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How Can I Sharpen My Listening Skills | (How to Improve Your Listening Skills)

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    Miho Ishii posted on 2021/04/22
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