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Welcome everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend.
Let's get started.
Does everyone have a copy of the agenda?
Yes, we all have a copy. Thank you.
The first thing we need to discuss are the numbers from our sales last quarter.
The results are not what we had hoped for.
Any thoughts?
I want to start by saying we should not be too hard on ourselves.
There were serious weather conditions that impacted sales.
A flood and several fires.
I'm afraid I disagree.
We cannot put this problem to bed that easily.
We have to take some accountability here.
What did you have in mind?
Well, for one thing, I was thinking that our website may not be getting the hits it should.
Ok, I am sure there are things we can do to make our website better.
I know that we could have more people share us on Google.
Now you're talking.
I want to hear some ideas to make our business grow.
Not excuses.
OK, let's talk about what we have so far.
We need to improve our Google presence.
We need to update our Facebook page.
Improve customer service and offer free shipping.
I know I've kept you here all day.
But I think we've covered everything on the agenda.
Are there any other questions?
I think we got a lot accomplished today.
Thank you for your time.
Oh my God!
I never thought we were going to get out of there.
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Business English:Meetings

92785 Folder Collection
許瓊文 published on March 20, 2019
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