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  • >> DREW: Hi!

  • I'm Drew Sadler with the National Operations Department at McDonald's Restaurants Canada,

  • and I'm here to answer one of the questions that we get.

  • So, you notice a question from Jeffry, from Oshawa.

  • The question is: “Why don't you guys grill your patties?

  • Why do you use microwaves?”

  • Great question Jeffry, I get this one all the time.

  • We actually do grill our patties on a grill.

  • We don't use microwaves to cook our beef,

  • and we cook 100% Canadian beef.

  • Now, once our meat is finished cooking, we'll put it in a warming tray.

  • And those warming trays we'll take, and we'll put in our warming cabinets.

  • Now, because we serve thousands and thousands of customers every day,

  • we want to make sure we do it as quick and as fast as possible.

  • And to do that, we need to keep some meat in our warming trays in our warming cabinets.

  • Now we'll keep it here, at a nice hot food-safe temperature,

  • for a maximum of 15 minutes.

  • We do not make your sandwich until you order it right from our ordering system.

  • So I hope that answers your question Jeffry, thanks and enjoy your day!

>> DREW: Hi!

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"Why Don't You Guys Grill the Patties? Better Than Microwaves!" |McDonald's Canada

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