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  • Asriel: Finally.

  • I was so tired of being a flower.

  • Chara?

  • Are you there?

  • It's me.

  • Your best friend.

  • Asriel Dreemurr.

  • Now hold on to the dreams,

  • You created, for a happy life!

  • It's alright, all the things...

  • We sought for, so long will all be worth this fight!

  • I will not destroy this world.

  • I control time! Chara you'll be mine!

  • Your progress, your memories....

  • Will be reset!

  • We'll do it all over! Chara, you won't forget!

  • The best part?

  • I know you'll do it!

  • Then you'll lose to me again!

  • Lose again! Over and over.

  • That's what you'll do for your best friend.

  • 'Cause you want a happy ending. You love your friends, who could blame you?

  • You're filled with DETERMINATION, Chara!

  • Frisk: That is not my name!

  • Asriel: We'll be here, fighting together, playing for eternity!

  • The strength that let you get this far, it's nothing compared to me!

  • I feel your DETERMINATION, I feel their hopes and dreams!

  • They give me the strength to be here, fighting for eternity!

  • I've messed around with you for far too long!

  • Let's purge this time again!

  • Come with me, Chara! Come with your best friend!

  • Frisk: That is not my name!

  • Asriel: Stop trying to live, stop all the dodging!

  • Stop standing in my way!

  • Please let me win, for once in your life!

  • Frisk: Chara is not my name!

  • Asriel: You think you are something special? You're just a kid playing pretend!

  • Don't get cocky, little Chara! Soon enough you'll meet your end!

  • Frisk: You think you are something special? You're just a kid playing pretend!

  • Don't get cocky now, Asriel! Soon enough you'll meet your end!

  • Asriel: You think that you could ever defeat me!? No, my friend, we'll be fighting for eternity!

  • You have lost everything, your Hopes and Dreams!

  • Are sure to fail you here at eternity!

  • Both: We'll never let go of our hopes and dreams! We'll never give up for all eternity!

  • Asriel: But I've been holding back on you 'til now! Let's see if you can survive this! Die for me!

  • *Asriel laughing* Don't you understand Chara? I am the god of Hyperdeath!


  • Why are you still standing? WHY ARE YOU STILL TRYING TO STOP ME CHARA?

  • Frisk: My name.......IS FRISK!

  • In my heart, There's something strong....

  • That will keep me moving on!

  • In my hopes, proof that my happy days will never be gone!

  • All main Characters (except Asriel): Here we are! Here we stand! Fight together again!

  • Our hopes and dreams will not fail! We will find our happy end!

  • We've come far, here we are, to reach we idealize!

  • It has been tough, but we won't give up, for a new day is on the rise!

  • Frisk: Asriel, Please do not have walked a lonesome trail....

  • Peace and love will sure prevail... help me end this sorry tale...

  • Asriel: Deep inside, I feel a fire, Burns within me, ever higher!

  • Knowing I will soon prevail, Knowing I can end this tale!

  • Both: In every dream, there is a chance we grabbed at it at our first glance!

  • Life plays the song, we make the dance! It's been like this forever! Following our hopes and dreams, when nothing is quite what It seems.

  • But life keeps flowing like a stream, so let's stay together!

  • Time to open up our eyes, time to see who we really are!

  • I won't give up the chance to SAVE you, and we know we can go far!

  • I heard the tales they told to me, ``This happy ending cannot be!``

  • Let's go together we shall see, together for eternity!

  • Hi there...

  • It's me.

  • Thanks for taking the time to listen.

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  • I don't wanna take any more of your time than I have to, so...

  • I guess this is goodbye, for now...

Asriel: Finally.

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Undertale the Musical - Hopes and Dreams

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