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  • 'Stand' has many meanings in English.

  • Let's learn a few. Most commonly, 'stand' is a verb which means 'to be in a vertical position on your feet.'

  • 'I am standing at my desk.'

  • We can also use 'stand' as a transitive verb which means 'to endure'.

  • 'My phone can stand a lot of damage.'

  • We can also use 'can't stand' for things which are difficult to enjoy or really annoying.

  • 'I can't stand the noise in my office.'

  • We can also use 'stand' to describe the action of buying something nice for someone.

  • 'I will stand you dinner this evening.'

  • Finally, 'to stand on one's own feet.'

  • This is a fixed expression which means 'learn to be independent.'

  • Your parents might say 'it's time you got a job and  stood on your own two feet.'

'Stand' has many meanings in English.

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