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  • Getting from 51 billion tons of greenhouse gases down to zero in 30 years is a huge challenge.

  • It's easy to feel powerless, to wonder where you fit in and how to start.

  • Here are some ideas.

  • Make clean choices when you buy.

  • Every time you order a plant-based burger,

  • you're sending a signal to the market that there's demand,

  • which means more innovators will get to work

  • so we rely less on cattle that are a major source of the methane that is heating up the planet.

  • And plant-based meat will get cheaper and taste better.

  • The same goes for electric cars, energy-efficient appliances,

  • low-carbon building materials,

  • and dozens of innovations that will appear in the next few years.

  • Businesses and governments buy more stuff than households do.

  • As an employee and a voter,

  • encourage your bosses and your representatives

  • to commit to buying green products and services.

  • They also make the stuff people buy, so encourage them to set and meet green standards.

  • Business and political leaders can also invest more in the research and development we need to invent new technologies to replace the ones we use today that generate emissions.

  • Most importantly, raise your voice, whoever you are.

  • It was activists around the world who put climate change on the agenda.

  • Now we need citizen activists to accelerate solutions.

  • Getting to zero is going to require businesses and governments making hard choices,

  • and the fastest way to help them do it is to make clear that you demand change.

  • All of us have influence as citizens, consumers, employees, and leaders.

  • And the only way we solve climate change is if you do your part.

  • Together, we can transition the economy in the next several decades and make a better future for everyone.

Getting from 51 billion tons of greenhouse gases down to zero in 30 years is a huge challenge.

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