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  • Hello Australia.

  • -Come on in sweetheart. -Hello. -How are you, darling.

  • Take a seat up here.

  • -That's a big couch, isn't it? -Yeah. -For a little girl.

  • -Welcome to Australia, so, you can speak seven languages. -Oh, yeah,

  • What, what are the seven languages you can speak?

  • Russian, English, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, German, uh, Chinese.

  • Oh yeah, she's amazing! You speak on those, and sign language.

  • Can I teach you some Australian English? -Um, yup. -Can you say, Eh ya? -Eh ya.

  • That was good.

  • How about this one?

  • -In Australia, when someone doesn't know something, they go oh "all right." -All right.

  • -Now, I know you speak another language called Bella language. -Bella language.

  • What's Bella language?

  • It's my special language.

  • Can you teach me?

  • In Bella language] -Yeah!

  • It means, "This is a couch.”

  • So, you'd look like a princess. -like a princess? -Yeah, do I look like a prince?

  • You look like a koala.

  • Can you do a princess walk? How do princesses walk?

  • Can you, can you teach me how to do a princess walk?

  • -Look. -Oh, where we goin'? We goin' for a walk? Okay.

  • Oh, okay, I know, I don't know why we're walking like this, but this makes us look like an old couple.

  • You remember the good ol' days Bella when we first met on a television show?

  • What was that country we met in? Australia.

  • Take a seat here.

  • Now, darling, I think you're amazing that you can speak seven languages at the age of four, so how would you like to go on a round-the-world shopping trip so you can show everyone your skills

  • Look! Okay Bella, are you ready to show us how smart you really are?

  • You've done me out of a job.

  • That's what I was supposed to say.

  • -All right. -All right. -All right. -All right.

  • -Okay, ready. -Okay, ready.

  • -I'm trying to be professional. -I'm trying to be professional.

  • Okay, I've got to do this properly like a grown up.

  • Okay, Bella, are you ready to show us how smart you really are? Stage spins.

  • Ah, what's the point of me trying to do this professionally, are you're ready to see her do her thing?

  • Okay, let's go Bella.

  • Grab that trolley. Okay!

  • I've drawn up a shopping list - sorry.

  • See here? I want you to go around the world for me and order these grocery items.

  • 4x German Sausages.

  • Away you go.

  • In German] Hello, what would you like today?

  • [In German] Four German sausages please.

  • -[In German] What are you using the sausages for?

  • -[In German] For something. -Very good.

  • [In German] Here are your sausages.

  • -[In German] Come again. -Thanks a lot.

  • Oh, she's gonna do a runner with that pie - that's all right, she can do that.

  • Over to Egypt now, I want, uh, uh, two falafels.

  • In Arabic] What would you like? -I would like some falafel.

  • [In Arabic] -Thank you. -Thank you.

  • Well now, Bella, head over to Spain, and grab me 10 Spanish oranges, Bella.

  • [In Spanish] Hello, how are you? - Very well. -What would you like?

  • [In Spanish] -Ten oranges. -Ten

  • In Spanish] -Have a good day. Bye. -Bye

  • Oh, she heading over to England.

  • I'll grab, uh, I'll grab one ball of English strawberries and a jug of cream.

  • -What would you like? -Strawberry and a jug of cream.

  • -All right, you can keep the bowl. -ups-a-daisy.

  • Well done, Bella.

  • [In Chinese] Hello. What would you like today? -Three pork burns. -Come, let's get you some of these.

  • -Thank you. -Come again soon.

  • Now, head over to Russia, get me some potatoes, mate.

  • [In Russian] I need three big potatoes. -Thank you.

  • Well done! Yeah!

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Hello Australia.

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4 Year Old Speaks 7 Languages!!

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