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  • Do you sometimes ask your friends for favors?

  • Listen to this phone call with my friend and learn how to ask for favors in American English.

  • Hi, Sarah. It's Anne.

  • Hi, Anne. What's up?

  • I'm going away to visit my family this weekend.

  • Would you be able to take care of my house while I'm gone?

  • -Of course! -Thanks!

  • Would you mind feeding my cat on Saturday and Sunday?

  • Not at all!

  • And one more thing: could you please water my plants on Saturday?

  • Sure!

  • Here are three polite ways to ask for a favor.

  • One way is, "Would you be able to" plus a verb.

  • "Would you be able to help me move into my new house?"

  • "Would you be able to walk my dog?"

  • Another way is "Would you mind" plus a verb in the -ing form.

  • "Would you mind helping me with this report?"

  • "Would you mind lending me your laptop?"

  • We can also say "Could you please" plus a verb.

  • "Could you please help me with my homework?"

  • "Could you please drive me home?"

  • Now it's your turn.

  • What do you need? Ask for a favor in the comments.

  • This is American English.

  • Thank you for watching!

Do you sometimes ask your friends for favors?

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Conversational English - Favors

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