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  • Where's Jimmy?

  • Where's the boy?

  • Why?

  • He's not here.

  • He's with his father.

  • His father.

  • We came to see our grandson.

  • You mean you didn't come here to eat my pork chops If you brought us all the way out here for the sake of a joke?

  • Lauren has said you were rough Park and I can see already.

  • You're no day at the races.

  • No, ma'am.

  • Come on, everybody sit down.

  • It's not gonna get any better.

  • Cold.

  • Okay.

  • Mhm.

  • Okay?

  • Yeah.

  • Oh, your grandson's with my Donny.

  • Yeah.

  • Yeah.

  • He took Jimmy along to pick up the boy's mother from work.

  • Lorna, she's working at Monkey Ward.

  • We could have seen Jimmy and Lorna in Gladstone.

  • Now, I am feeling insulted by you.

  • You really don't give a damn about sharing a meal?

  • I just met.

  • Maybe you're a Jew.

  • Maybe you can't eat pork chops.

  • Yeah, Yeah, I'll breathe easy.

  • Anyone who knows me knows I can't be insulted.

  • Eat my chops or don't.

  • Uh, well, we'd certainly hoped to meet Donnie's family someday.

  • Oh, had you, I think.

  • Well, I'm glad to learn that.

  • Yeah.

  • I thought we should meet to have ourselves a chat.

  • Would have been nice if it had been at the wedding.

  • But maybe it was too much to ask for his mother to be invited.

  • Or his brother's poor Uncle Bill.

  • Yeah.

  • You weren't invited.

  • You recollect seeing us there.

  • And that's our fault.

  • Didn't stop to think for yourselves.

  • You must have come from somewhere.

  • Must have family.

  • Frankly, we thought only that Donnie was a grown man.

  • Your son is dead.

  • It's understandable you forget.

  • I've never really done reasoning, teaching them the right way.

  • That's why I have to bring my boy home.

  • So keep an eye on it.

  • Your boys.

  • Perfect.

  • Now it's not really fair to compare him and die.

  • Wouldn't ever compare Donnie to our son.

  • Yeah, mhm.

  • He said you two don't approve.

  • I'm surprised to hear he gives a damn what we think.

  • He couldn't be bothered to tell us they were leaving.

  • My boy doesn't have to answer to you.

  • No, he Yeah, he does not.

  • And we don't have to answer to you.

  • Ooh, we better get some food in our bellies before this get together.

  • Turns into a real blood feud.

  • We got numbers on.

  • Yeah.

Where's Jimmy?

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