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  • Hi, VOGUE JAPAN! I'm Fuwa-chan.

  • Today, I'm gonna dress up as super-fashionable Fuwa-chan,

  • but I'll show you a little bit of skin first.

  • Ready?

  • Here's my belly button!

  • See ya!

  • Hello.

  • -Is this a necklace? -Yes.

  • Like this? Oh, it's a reverse rainbow. Interesting.

  • Wow, this is cute.

  • I want to discuss with you what accessories we're gonna use with this.

  • Okay, sure.

  • My style is something like "learn-from-history" fashion.

  • My style didn't come solely from my imagination.

  • It dates back to my childhood.

  • I was a fan of Tomoe Shinohara and Mini-Moni.

  • Then, when I grew up, I got inspired by many things.

  • And I like active wear, so I combined everything.

  • I put together everything I like from past and current times.

  • My style is not the work of me alone.

  • And the hair is from when I did a YouTube video with a friend.

  • We were going to Taiwan, so I wanted to imitate Vivian Hsu's hairstyle.

  • That's why the two buns.

  • But back then, it was just the buns.

  • With time, I added some loose strands,

  • and added pins here and there.

  • You prefer big earrings, don't you?

  • Oh, that's very VOGUE-like.

  • It's up to my knee and it's still going up.

  • I'm in.

  • -You can't wear this on your own. -No, you can't.

  • You look pretty.

  • I'm gonna add some rings.

  • What I do is, add everything I like.

  • Usually, when you want to make your eyes pop, you wear less makeup elsewhere.

  • Me, I look for an even more eye-catching sports bra to go with a colorful skirt.

  • And I even add accessories in my hair. I just wear everything I want.

  • As for colors, I like fluorescent and loud colors.

  • I prefer vivid colors over pastel colors.

  • Bring the upper arm in.

  • The higher one's cuter.

  • She's very powerful, so I'm doing my best to keep up.

  • How about wearing this with the green socks?

  • Oh, this one's super cute.

  • The long ones or the short ones?

  • This one's a bit long.

  • Do you want to pull this one down or use the short satin one?

  • I like to show my skin.

  • I think fashion helped me a lot during Covid-19.

  • Fashion gave me a sense of everyday life and security.

  • There were some positive changes, like LOUIS VUITTON launching a face shield.

  • Fashion was the only constant thing during the pandemic.

  • There are a lot of restrictions and we still have to stay home,

  • but fashion brings you excitement.

  • My social media pages are all pure entertainment.

  • It's a documentary of my daily life but it cracks you up.

  • Everyone who finds me and follows me on social media is a lucky person.

  • Thank you.

  • I had so much fun! And all the clothes were so pretty.

  • I'm gonna take this home with me.

  • Bye!

Hi, VOGUE JAPAN! I'm Fuwa-chan.

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フワちゃんが『VOGUE JAPAN』初登場!ファン&ファンキー&ラブリー&キュート、好きなものを全部盛り!| VOGUE JAPAN

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    Summer posted on 2021/04/02
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