B2 High-Intermediate US 2080 Folder Collection
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In a world where zombie’s have already infected every facet of pop culture
comes another zombie movie.
But this time...
it’s got Brad Pitt!
World War Z.
Get ready for the big-screen adaptation of the best-selling novel that’s got everything
you loved about...
the title.
And nothing else.
A film with so many production problems, people were genuinely surprised when it wasn’t
a complete disaster.
Meet Gerry Lane, he’s just your average everyday
Super attractive
Stay-at-home Dad.
“All you do is make pancakes in the morning!"
"Yeah, but I'm really good at it."
Travel the globe with Brad Pitt and the film’s screenwriters as they stumble from set-piece
to set-piece tied together by the flimsiest evidence ever.
“There was a memo sent from this installation that had the word zombie in it. Do you know
anything about it?"
"It was an email, not a memo."
Come on.
Watch Brad Pitt survive an unsurvivable apocalypse thanks to a constant stream of life-saving
coincidences like...
never hitting traffic in the middle of mass hysteria,
finding an RV with the keys and a loaded gun inside,
this friendly mugger showing him where to find medicine,
this friendly Mexican family taking him in no questions asked,
these fast zombies who slow down as soon as they’re about to catch him,
this small child head-shotting a zombie on top of him,
this plane dropping a ladder down to save him mid-takeoff,
this Israeli soldier killing a zombie about to eat him,
surviving this car crash,
surviving this plane crash,
surviving this spike through his stomach,
and shooting up with a randomly picked virus that happens to be curable while also serving
as zombie camouflage.
Wait, is that Matthew Fox?
So get ready for a by-the-numbers action movie full of PG-13 violence
and none of these awesome things from the book:
Man, what a waste of good source material.
these zombie movie cliches:
dead car batteries,
flickering lights,
shakey cam,
jump scares,
zombies banging on doors,
a kid with asthma,
accidental noises,
Brad Pitt Zombie Movie.
Man, all those reshoots must've cost a fortune.
How'd they pay for that?
Man, that really makes me want a Coke.
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Honest Trailers - World War Z

2080 Folder Collection
lkl0606 published on August 3, 2014
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