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  • Let's look at five ways that

  • we can use the word 'set'.

  • 'Set' can mean 'ready', so:

  • 'Are you set? Then let's begin.'

  • 'A set' can mean 'a collection'.

  • 'This video is part of a set of

  • English In A Minute videos.'

  • 'Set' can also mean 'put in place'.

  • 'I can set my glass on the table.'

  • We can also 'set a date' and this

  • means 'to arrange a date',

  • for example:

  • 'We have set the date for our wedding.

  • It's on the 1st of June'.

  • If we are 'set on something',

  • we are strongly in favour of it,

  • for example: 'I am set on getting

  • married in June.'

  • And we can use 'set against' to

  • say that we are

  • 'strongly against something', for example:

  • 'My parents are set against my wedding.'

  • Oh no!

Let's look at five ways that

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5 ways to use 'set' - English In A Minute

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