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Signs someone is lying to you
Lying is a natural human trick
and that manipulates the way you want others to see you
There are certain signs you can look for if you think someone might be lying to you
Eye movement
When right-handed people are lying, they look up the right
left-handed people look up to the left.
Other signs of lying are if they don't blink, close their eyes very slowly or contrastingly blink a lot or break eye contact.
Hiding body parts
They hide their mouth, eyes or throat with their hands
They may also adjust their hair or clothes
Hand movement
Anxiety can cause itching or chilliness in the face
causing a liar to bite or lick their lips or play with their ears
Head movement
They move their head around quickly before they answer the question
Audible cues
They clear their throat or swallow before answering the question
and their vocal pitch rises
Can you tell who's lying?
Round 1
My cousin he... I was... I was going to a party and I did not want him to come with me
so I told him I was just going to a friend's house
Truth or lie?
Sign: brought his hand to his face
Round 2
Probably this morning when somebody cut me off and then I yelled at them.
Truth or lie?
Round 3
Told my coworker today that his breath smelled bad
Truth or lie?
Sign: raised vocal pitch, slow blinking, looked to the right
So are you good at spotting liars?
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How To Tell If Someone Is Lying To You

96497 Folder Collection
Laura Hung published on March 19, 2015
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