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  • hi everyone jennifer from tarle speech with your pronunciation question today's

  • question is about a phrasal verb come on how do i make that verb come on

  • sound different than the word common so the word common

  • means prevalent and come on is an encouraging remark to have someone

  • do something or a remark to attract attention

  • so the big difference here is we are going to

  • think about word stress and in word stress

  • we're going to think about three things to stress

  • a syllable or a word to stress a syllable and make it the

  • stressed syllable is going to be louder higher in pitch and this is the key here

  • the vowel is going to be longer I say most of the time that's the step

  • that my students miss is that the vowel needs to be longer i love these two

  • words to drive this point home because the vowels are exactly the same

  • in these syllables they're just flipped so we

  • have the word common this is going to be our stress

  • syllable syllable number one as opposed to come on

  • we are going to stress syllable number two so you can see

  • both of these vowels are the same it's the oh

  • vowel and to do that your mouth is open wide in an oval shape

  • tip of the tongue is low back of the tongue is pulled up

  • this is going to be contrasted to the super short uah sound

  • in syllable number two and then syllable number one

  • and that is the a vowel made with a very relaxed mouth and very relaxed tongue

  • and it is very short all right so let's try these

  • syllables and try to make those vowels different

  • com un

  • common common common now let's flip those come

  • on come on come on come on

  • come on common common common come on

  • come on come on and now for a sentence come on is a common phrasal

  • verb used to encourage others to join

  • in give it a try people are going to notice the difference if you found this

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  • and all of our class options at tarle speech thanks everyone have a great week

hi everyone jennifer from tarle speech with your pronunciation question today's

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How to Pronounce COMMON & COME ON - American English Pronunciation Lesson

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    Summer posted on 2021/03/26
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