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  • hi everybody this is Jennifer from Tarle speech and language with your

  • question of the week today's question is how do I pronounce the words pour and

  • pool let's take a look at these words the word pour is a verb and it means to

  • take liquid and put it from one vessel into the other poo is an adjective that

  • means lacking in something and pool is a body of water typically in your backyard

  • or at a community where kids go swimming in the summer so good news here two

  • words are pronounced exactly the same pour and poor the word pool is going to

  • be pronounced differently so let's take a look at poor first think of

  • this word as two sounds p and or make sure for the or part of the word that you

  • round your lips and then you pull them back for the er poor for the next word pool

  • think of three sounds again start with the P and then we're going to move to

  • the ew vowel I think this is where people get confused because the words

  • look exactly the same at the beginning so if you look back here poor that looks

  • pretty similar to pool here's the difference and the trick to make these

  • words sound different end this word with an L sound by touching the tip of your

  • tongue to the back of your top front teeth pool okay so let's look at the

  • differences pour and pool if you are a person who confuses the R and the L

  • sounds be sure that for the R sound at the end of this word your tongue is down

  • and away from your top teeth and for the L sound make sure that you touch your

  • teeth okay let's give those a try poor poor poor pool pool pool and in a

  • sentence the poor dog fell into the pool if you liked this video please give us a

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  • miss a lesson and if you have any questions we love to hear from you leave

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hi everybody this is Jennifer from Tarle speech and language with your

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