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  • in this video will go over the process of changing your PlayStation network.

  • Username.

  • Known officially as your online I d.

  • Your online ID can be changed on the PlayStation console itself or via a Web browser.

  • To change your username using the PS four console, navigate over to the settings, then select account management account information and finally profile.

  • The second option down the list is online ID, where you can access the I'd change dialogue.

  • You may be asked to confirm your account password and then review the terms and risk statement.

  • Certain games released prior to 2018 on the PlayStation three and 4 may have compatibility issues in regards to features such as trophies, save data and online access.

  • Sony has a published list of known games with compatibility issues on their support page.

  • Once you review the terms, you will now have access to the change name Dialog.

  • Your current user name will appear on the top as well as the date you started using that name on the bottom.

  • A prompt will confirm this first changes free as well as the subsequent fear and see your desired user name into the text field and confirm it is available and accepted by Sony.

  • Once ready, click.

  • Confirm your name change will be officially submitted.

  • Mhm.

  • You can also change your name from my browser.

  • Navigate to the Sony account Login page.

  • Mm, yeah.

  • Once logged into your account, click Profile on the Left.

  • Under the PlayStation network category, your username and other account details will appear.

  • Click the edit button to the right of your username.

  • Just as on the PS four, you'll be asked to acknowledge the risks in terms of the name change.

  • Once confirmed, you can enter your desired I'd and submit it once you're ready.

  • If you encounter any issues with your new name and want to return to your original user name, Sony allows you to revert free of charge.

  • Visit their official name Change support page.

  • For more information, link in the description below.

  • For all users, the first change is free.

in this video will go over the process of changing your PlayStation network.

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