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  • mhm from the 54th floor of the Tokyo World Trade Center, the city looks like a scene from a sci fi movie skyscrapers as far as the eye can see.

  • But on the ground visitors have plenty of new and old world experiences to choose from.

  • A great place to start is the fish market, one of the largest in the world to keep the fish market is an only in Tokyo experience.

  • It's some of the freshest fish in the world, and most restaurants in Tokyo, Sir fish.

  • From this market, tourists are allowed to wander the hustle and bustle of the inner market.

  • Starting at 9 a.m. Fish in all shapes and sizes are prepped and ready for sale.

  • If looking at all that fish puts you in the mood for a meal, you can eat like a local and grab a bowl of noodles at the outer market.

  • Another fun and inexpensive option is kitten sushi.

  • Pick and choose what you want to eat as it rolls by on a conveyor belt.

  • And if you've ever wondered where restaurants get the lifelike plastic food they display in their windows, you can head to Kappa Bashi here.

  • A wide range of kitchen and dining supplies can be found, but the big draw is the selection of plastic food and drink so everyone can take a bit of sushi home in their suitcase.

  • Tokyo is a perfect city, two people watched, and Harajuku, a pedestrian only street, is the perfect place.

  • Harajuku is to Tokyo what the East Village is to New York.

  • It's really the counterculture hub of the city.

  • Students head to the shopping district to see NBC.

  • If you want to take a break from the chaos and find a little calm in the city, head to any one of the many Tokyo parks.

  • This one America Gardens in the southern part of the city, is a perfect place to picnic or rest a few minutes and enjoy a cup of tea.

  • The tea house, originally built in 17 oh seven, was used by show guns and Imperial Court nobles who enjoyed the view and the relaxed atmosphere.

  • Mind you, the view has changed quite a bit since the 18th century.

  • Also on the quieter side, the Asakusa shrine.

  • It was one of the few structures in the complex to survive the bombings of World War two.

  • It's just a beautiful place to go and stroll.

  • This popular Buddhist temple, built in 16 49 is an odd mix of worshippers and tourists.

  • The incense mixes with the smells of vendors selling traditional snacks and sweets after dark.

  • The place to be is the Shibuya district.

  • It's packed full of people all the time, and at night the neon signs just blow.

  • It's really famous for what's called the scramble.

  • Crossing.

  • All of the lights at this intersection turn at the same time, so all the traffic stops at once and the crowds just swarm into the middle of it, fighting to get to the opposite side.

  • It's really quite a sight.

mhm from the 54th floor of the Tokyo World Trade Center, the city looks like a scene from a sci fi movie skyscrapers as far as the eye can see.

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A Field Trip To Tokyo

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/03/26
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