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  • In this video,

  • we're going to show you how to search

  • and find relational data in your spreadsheet

  • by using the VLOOKUP function.

  • You'll need to understand the concept

  • of a lookup value, range, column number,

  • and exact or approximate matchings.

  • First, click on a blank cell

  • where you want your result to appear.

  • Go to the "Formulas" tab,

  • and then click "Lookup & Reference."

  • A drop-down window will appear.

  • From the options, select "VLOOKUP."

  • A window will appear on the right-hand side

  • where you can start filling in

  • the details of your search.

  • In the bar under "Lookup_value,"

  • add the value you're looking for.

  • It can be anything,

  • from a name, number, or cell location.

  • We'll enter a name here,

  • as we're looking for a guest seat number.

  • Be wary; the text is case-sensitive,

  • so be careful with capital letters.

  • Under "Table_array,"

  • add the area you want Excel to search for your data.

  • You can do this by typing in a range.

  • This is the top left cell number

  • followed by a colon

  • followed by the bottom right cell number.

  • You could add a search area of two columns or more.

  • Under "Col_index_num,"

  • you'll need to add the numerical value

  • corresponding to the column with your return data.

  • In this example, the return data is our seat number,

  • which is in column C.

  • The numerical value for this is 3.

  • So we'll add this here.

  • Under "Range_lookup,"

  • you'll need to enter "TRUE" or "FALSE" in capital letters

  • if you want your results to be exact or approximate.

  • "FALSE" means you want exact results,

  • and "TRUE" means you want them to be approximate.

  • Click down here to start the search.

  • Your value will appear in the cell.

In this video,

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How To Use VLOOKUP In Excel

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/03/26
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