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Harry Potter is growing older,
and so strange changes are beginning to take place at Hogwarts.
Harry, what's this?
Yes, and why do you have this strange wand?
Wingardium Leviosa...
Nope, it doesn't work.
At Hogwarts, the students are transforming.
Look at me!
What is it, Harry?
What's happening to me?
It's puberty!
Yes, even Hermione has gotten her period.
Put me down!
So angry...
It's outrageous!
This summer, Harry Potter is about to find out...
how hard teenage life at Hogwarts can be.
You all know why we're here.
We demand to know if the rumours are true!
Does Harry Potter have a large penis?
I've seen it..
Blimey Harry, I didn't know that!
It all sounds great when you say it like that, but...
He's just being modest.
No! Hermione, I'm not...
And, is it also true that Ron has a small one?
So get ready for puberty to hit the magic world.
No, Harry, it's like this...
And slide,
and slide,
and slide,
and slide,
and left,
then right,
and hands up, up and down...
Harry Potter and the Outcasts of Hogwarts
The Magic of Puberty
Coming soon
Ron, I love you...
Just kidding!
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Harry Potter and the Magic of Puberty

4255 Folder Collection
Mark Ke published on August 2, 2014
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