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  • do you want to become more efficient with managing your files and folders In Mac OS?

  • We have some time saving tips to help you organize your files.

  • Do tasks more quickly with keyboard shortcuts and customize your finder options.

  • First, let's go to the dock to open.

  • The finder Finder is designed to work very well with just your keyboard so you don't need to use your mouse unless you want to.

  • You can use the arrows on your keyboard to move between files and folders.

  • To open a file or folder, hold down the command key and press the down arrow to go up to the enclosing folder.

  • Press Command Up Arrow Quick look is a great feature that lets you take a look at a file without having to open it.

  • Just select the desired file and hit the space bar to activate it.

  • Now we can use the up and down arrows to take a quick look at the other files in this folder.

  • Let's hit the space bar again to close it.

  • Now I'd like to move one of these files to one of those folders.

  • Sub folders.

  • Mac OS has a convenient feature that allows you to move a file and open a folder at the same time.

  • Just click and drag the file hover over the folder for a second, and the folder will open automatically.

  • Now I can just drop it in this sub folder.

  • Don't worry.

  • If you start to move a file and then change your mind, just drop it on the toolbar to keep it where it is to quickly get to your frequently used folders.

  • You can customize the finder sidebar.

  • You have the option to move any folder to the sidebar.

  • If you want to get rid of clutter, remove folders by right clicking and selecting.

  • Remove from sidebar.

  • If you want to see more information about the files and sort them list view is a great option.

  • Below the toolbar, you will see several headings, including name, size and kind.

  • If you right click on one, you'll see more options.

  • Let's add the heading date last opened.

  • Then let's resize this window to see the new heading.

  • You can use these headings to get information about a file or use it for sorting.

  • I'm going to sort by kind to get my Excel files together by clicking the heading.

  • Now that the files are sorted, let's move them to the appropriate sub folder.

  • If you hold down the command key, you can select several at the same time and move them to a folder together.

  • Next, let's check out this folder In column view.

  • This is a good option for viewing the contents of multiple folders and sub folders, and it gives you wide flexibility to move files across folders to make content easier to view.

  • You can resize the columns by dragging them.

  • If you hold down the option key while dragging one of the borders, all the columns will resize at the same time.

  • If you want to better visualize your finder contents, you may want to use icon view.

  • It shows each file as an image along with its name.

  • If you are working with image files, this allows you to quickly identify them.

  • To make changes to your finder settings, you can go to the preferences from the finder menu.

  • Select preferences.

  • Here you may change the items displayed on your desktop.

  • If you have connected a flash drive or external hard drive, and it's not showing on your desktop, check the box for external disks.

  • You might consider changing your default folder so you can go straight to this folder each time you open the finder.

  • Finally, if the finder stops working or your folders disappear, you can restart it by using the shortcut keys.

  • Option.

  • Command, escape.

  • You can use this any time.

  • One of Europe's stops working in this case will select the finder and click Relaunch, then click Relaunch again.

  • We hope these tips help you to get more from the Mac OS finder.

  • We invite you to try them out for yourself to see how they work for you.

  • G c F global creating opportunities for a better life.

do you want to become more efficient with managing your files and folders In Mac OS?

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macOS Basics: Essential Finder Tips

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