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  • a moped stops in front of a convenience store.

  • A robber wearing a helmet and a face mask enters and threatens the cashier with a gun to extort a watch or money.

  • Many young criminals think it is simple and easy, but then a plainclothes policeman or a carbon era witnesses the robbery, and it ends with deadly consequences.

  • 15 year old Yugo Raso died when a military policeman opened fire on him in the middle of the night in the elegant heart of Naples.

  • My son was murdered.

  • He was shot twice in the chest and once in the back of his head, you go to his father and his youngest son, stand in front of a huge mural that dominates a small square in the Spanish Quarter.

  • It is an image of Hugo staring at his family and neighbors demanding truth and justice.

  • The fact that you go committed an armed robbery is not spoken of here.

  • Yeah, many approve of his mural and complain about police violence and slow investigations.

  • They claim that the legal proceedings against the military policeman never really started.

  • Therefore, the Russo family is receiving more and more support, also from those who demand clarification as well as more solidarity between the rich and the poor.

  • In Naples, the prevailing mentality in this city is to each his due.

  • There's no social solidarity.

  • The rich remain rich, the poor remain poor.

  • A youth who commits a crime should be shot.

  • It's his own fault.

  • Hugo's father, who has been known to the police since adolescence, also believes this to be true.

  • Nobody in this city genuinely wants to know why such robberies occur.

  • Why these young people do such things.

  • They just want to destroy us, to trample us like vermin.

  • We visit another neighborhood with another mural.

  • This one commemorates 17 year old Luigi Carafa with candles in an altar.

  • Last October, he, too, was shot dead by a policeman in civilian clothes whilst committing a robbery.

  • Mm.

  • Meanwhile, the mural has been removed by the police.

  • Criminals should not be glorified.

  • The reaction in the neighborhood is aggressive.

  • People are angry at the state.

  • Young criminals portrayed as saints, religious worship.

  • Within the camera.

  • Naples mafia is well known to priest Luigi Merola.

  • He has been fighting against it for 20 years, putting up a picture of someone who committed a robbery or is the boss of a clan, and worshipping them like a saint sends a very bad message, as if the bad could become good.

  • We know that's not true.

  • The priest works against these illegal demonstrations of power and has also been threatened.

  • However, behind high walls, he continues to do youth work now.

  • During the pandemic, he helps youths with homework online and in normal times with recreational activities.

  • Families hit particularly hard by the pandemic, received aid to stop the next generation from getting further involved in criminal activity.

  • Every neighborhood has its clan boss, but most of these bosses are now in prison.

  • Many young people take advantage of this.

  • They form gangs that fight each other.

  • This increases violence because the actual boss has lost control and can no longer maintain order in the neighborhood like before.

  • In addition, the characters of popular Mafia series become real role models for many young people.

  • Experts say this increases rivalry and the readiness for violence in the streets.

  • Violence is justified, so to speak, as the state doesn't intervene.

  • There is a lack of perspective from police or prosecutors, which makes the criminals feel they can get away with anything without being arrested, prosecuted or held responsible.

  • Yeah, but perhaps times are changing because more and more people in Naples are calling for the image of you go Russo to be removed A 15 year old small time crook is no saint, No god like the God of soccer a few streets away, only Diego Armando Maradona, the deceased idol who once played for SSC Naples unites the city and maybe worshipped like a saint.

  • Bye, good and evil alike.

a moped stops in front of a convenience store.

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Italy: Mafia recruits young people with murals glorifying 'fallen heroes' | Focus on Europe

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