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  • Sunday is the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

  • One institution aiming to improve its relations with racial minorities is the Catholic Church in Germany.

  • But sometimes even church officials say they face discrimination.

  • D w.

  • Spoke to a German pastor of Sri Lankan ancestry.

  • He told us what the church must do to overcome racist attitudes.

  • Yeah, something I experience again and again when I'm out and about in different church communities is that the first question is always where do you come from?

  • And I always say, I'm from Noise Germany.

  • And then there is silence.

  • Greg Amitriptyline Aton is a Catholic pastor in the Archdiocese of Cologne.

  • Apparently, many people in Germany still find it a little strange when they encounter a minister who is not white till Chinatown, is repeatedly asked about his origins or is insulted with racist slurs.

  • That's far from Catholic attack.

  • It was at the Catholic Convention, and lipstick I was representing the archdiocese.

  • I can still remember standing at the booth when two women approached the booth.

  • I went towards them in a friendly manner and bid them welcome, and then one woman said, which do gooder let you into the country without any emotion whatsoever.

  • Tillane Aton is mostly concerned by two things in the Catholic Church in Germany.

  • It's too white and too Eurocentric.

  • It starts with the fact that many teachers of German theology don't even take into account all the other theological points of view in the world.

  • It's only fashionable or to be taken seriously from a scientific angle when it comes from the German speaking world.

  • And that's where the difficulties begin.

  • When you think you're the only one who is capable of interpreting the world, the lag is develops, died.

  • He is an acoustic.

  • The 38 year old is responsible for new trainees in his diocese.

  • He advises and supervises theology students, all those looking to serve in the church, for whom he provides rooms in his apartment.

  • Mhm Till Yonatan even spoke to Pope Francis about his vision of a more cosmopolitan church that allows more space for global perspectives and less racism.

  • He encouraged me to consolidate and develop this idea further, to bring more scope into my teaching and not be bound by the small European world appropriation, touch and world sublime Riga meeting.

Sunday is the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

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