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  • the Japanese government is sending out care packages to people who are infected by coronavirus.

  • Mm, Mm hmm.

  • Mhm.

  • So I'm supposed to take a short family break this week, and I wasn't planning on releasing a video, but my friend just got covid this week here in Tokyo.

  • First of all, he is okay.

  • He only has mild symptoms, and he is quarantining at the moment.

  • And for those of you wondering, I don't have covid myself surprising to him and me as well.

  • The Tokyo Metropolitan government sent him a care package.

  • I thought it was pretty cool, since it's a pretty tough being sick, let alone being isolated at the same time, my friend was kind enough to record the unboxing so I could share it all with you.

  • So let me know what you think in the comments.

  • And I hope that everyone is saying safe during this time.

  • So here we go.

  • This is gonna be quick.

  • The quarantine care package came in a total of three boxes and this is the first one.

  • So come to an explanation letter and recommendations for quarantine, a checklist of all the items sent and some instructions on how to throw away your trash.

  • Thanks.

  • First, we have some chocolate pies.

  • Oh, and calorie mates made famous worldwide by metal gear.

  • Rice soup with crab, gluten free spaghetti, two by three packs of rice.

  • So let's make that four perfect instant meal packs to go with the rice, Chinese vegetable curry, beef, more Chinese and chicken and egg.

  • Oh, damn!

  • Even more.

  • So, beef curry, upside down curry,

  • Pork sweet curry, and more beef curry. Seaweed salad with Shiso dressing, 52 green tea bags, grapefruit jelly, and muscat grape jelly.

  • I'm kind of jelly. One vegetable juice.

  • Apparently he drank one already and maybe in a few things as well, anyway.

  • Gluten free soy meat sauce.

  • Rice soup with salmon, fruit mix, bouillon for soup.

  • Oh, and now in the box two. First off Belgian waffles and bomb cushion slices, Damn country, ma'am cookies, a bag of nuts and even more nuts.

  • Sumire and Ippudo Ramen.

  • Make that four.

  • Oh, and more Ramen Santoka, black coffee.

  • Assorted miso soup flavors.

  • Good old corn and beans, the tuna and sardine hitters, mayonnaise and onion dressing, apparently to be used at the same time, but always male first.

  • And finally the third box.

  • What do you all think is inside of this one?

  • Okay, six 2 liter bottles of water.

  • I guess you get thirsty with all that food.

  • So let's see what the grand total comes to.

  • Wow.

  • About $135 total.

  • Amazing.

  • Thanks again to my friend for sharing and the Tokyo government for caring.

  • That's it.

  • Let me know if you have something similar in your country and we'll catch you in the next time.

the Japanese government is sending out care packages to people who are infected by coronavirus.

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