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  • Hello everyone, this is Ellie. Welcome to Waoryu Only in Japan channel

  • Today we are in Odawara to see the beautiful Ume blossoms

  • In the Sengoku Era, Odawara was a flourishing city under Shogun Hojo

  • The town area has a long history, not only as a castle town

  • where Samurai and Ninja lived

  • but a place where wealthy farmers and families lived 100 years ago

  • The symbol of the city, Odawara castle reminds us of the glorious times

  • Every year there are 1000s of plum trees blooming over Odawara

  • One of the best places to enjoy plum blossoms

  • is definitely Soga Bairin plum growth

  • We came early but the place was already aligned with many people enjoying the beauty of plum

  • or just waiting to get their hands on Japan's finest plum produce

  • Some common plum products include Umeboshi,

  • Plum jelly

  • plum paste

  • plum extract

  • dry plums

  • plum syrup

  • and my favorite, plum wine

  • Plum wine can be found in any regular store

  • and in any price range

  • some people might prefer plum wine on the rocks

  • but I like mine diluted with soda

  • because it has a very refreshing taste

  • We decided to do some shopping and experience the atmosphere of live growth

  • Look at this

  • 9700!

  • 9700?

  • Ju taro?

  • We also got to hear cute stories of past love from the locals

  • Ume Icecream!

  • Ice cream in Odawara

  • Very creamy, a bit sour

  • Super refreshing in this heat

  • As it is 21 degrees today

  • It's horrible because it's not even summer

  • It's end of February and we're already sweating

  • So this Ume icecream is perfect

  • Soga Bairin plum growth has approximately 35,000 trees

  • And that is also thanks to the previous Odawara Lord

  • Mr. Hojo who ordered to plant plums for provision purposes

  • Since then the forest has grown and now is looked over by Mr. Kazumi

  • Who has been working as a plum farmer for more than 20 years

  • His biggest pleasure is creating tasty plum products

  • that customers love

  • And in the future he is aiming to revitalize the country side

  • and attract more urban dwellers to join him at the plum farm

  • And what is the hardest thing about this job?

  • So what makes plums so special?

  • There are various reasons why plums are important in Japan

  • Let us discover some facts

Hello everyone, this is Ellie. Welcome to Waoryu Only in Japan channel

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Japanese Plum Farm | What makes Japanese plums so special? | Exotic Japanese food

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