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Hey everybody! Michael Gebben here and I'm super excited to be with you on another rockin'
Wednesday. Today, I was walking with my grandpa, basically the other actually and we were talking.
We're talking about what shapes what people become. What gets people motivated? What gets
people excited? How do they end up the way they end up? What makes that happen? Is it
our parents, friends, family, society? What is it? I'm gonna narrow in on one specific
thing. If you're a kid listening, still live at home, you're highly affected by your parents,
this will be for you and hopefully you'll get some nuggets. If you are someone who is
over somebody else. I don't know how to say it but maybe that's the right way to say it.
You have a child. You have somebody that you look out for. You're a family member, whatever
and you have somebody that you're influencing. I think that's the best way to say it. You're
influencing somebody. Here's the thing. So, I know that there's a lot to talk out there
about education, going to college, getting a degree, having a resume, getting a job and
albeit, that college is great. I will say great for some. I personally did not go to
college. I've had a lot, a lot of success. I have worked my butt off and I want to tie
back though to anybody out there who's like I said, an influencer. I wannna talk about
my parents for second... from my perspective. So here's what I think that really, really
benefited me. My parents were huge, huge, huge in influencing me. The thing about it
is when I was talking about my grandpa, I was talking about how there were people...'coz
there are people in your life who tell you you shouldn't do something, that you can't
do something, that that's not possible. In my case, when I chose not to go to college,
except for my parents really, there were a number of people who told me that if I did
not go, I would not succeed. Luckily, my parents allowed me to do it. I won't say that they
were like, "Oh my gosh, don't go to college. That's the greatest idea on the planet." I
won't say that they said that but I will say that they allowed me to make my choice. They
allowed me to try which is the biggest thing that I encourage each and every single one
of you. If you don't wanna go to college or you have something that you want to do...now
this is the key here. If you have no idea whatsoever in any way, shape or form then
whoever is influencing you should probably do their best to guide you in some sort of
direction. Right now, although there'll be some other ways that might be the best direction
to send you in. For any of you listening, who have an idea for what you want to do,
then what I suggest that you do who's ever that person influencing you or overlooking
you or helps you make decisions, whether it's your parents, friends, grandparents, family,
whoever it is, here's what you need to do. If you have even an inkling of something that
you'd like to try, you need to do everything in your power to do that thing, to try that
thing, to try that thing but you need to be very, very convincing that you need to at
least be able to try it. In talking to my grandpa, you'll regret nothing more than the
things that you did not try to at least do or accomplish but you cannot just go, "I don't
wanna go to college. I don't know what I'm gonna do." If you seem like a dead beat and
you have no idea what to do, well then I can't help you as much. But if you can be convincing
in what you wanna do and basically for me, I said I don't wanna go to college. Let me
have at least one year to try to start this video production thing. Just one year and
I can always go back. Man, once I had the fire inside to make this work. But what I
hate seeing is people out there... and this is for anybody who has that child or has somebody
that you're influencing. Do not, if that person has anything inside of them that they want
to do. If you're a doctor let's just say and you're trying to press your kid into being
a doctor but you can't get him motivated but you keep pushing... "You're going to this
school. Do this and do that." You're gonna have a difficult time motivating that person.
That's the same thing for you if you're a teacher and you've got these kids. I know
again, college and higher education is important. I believe in education. You need to learn
all the time. Again, if there's that kid who has something burning inside of them to do
something else, if you encourage them to do that, you help guide them down that path to
at least let them try, great, great, great things can happen. I assure you. Do not pressure
people into doing things they don't wanna do. That's why you see so much in highschool
and different places like that right now where someone whether it's a teacher, a family member,
a parent, whoever is pressuring someone to do something they do not want to do and then
they have rebellion and all these bad things happen, and a lot of negative comes out of
that. I just encourage you to always embrace and help encourage someone else to pursue
that thing that's inching inside of them so that that dream can really light up inside
of them so that they can pursue it and at least give it a try. For all of you listening,
you need to try and try quickly. The thing that I found is the best thing to do is to
fail and fail fast. That's another way of saying it. Try those things. Because for me,
I've had things like I had an event called "The rockin' life" event. When I was planning
it, I decided to do it. Four weeks later I did it. I said to myself, "I'd probably have
a whole bunch of these things." As everything progressed and then finally doing it, I learned
that putting on events quite regularly probably isn't the thing for me. If I would've taken
9 months to do that, it would take me 9 months to figure out that wasn't something I wanted
to do. So try things. Do them. Just go after it. Just go after it. If you're getting a
lot of push back from people, you have to find a way to pursue it because you'll regret
nothing more than the thing that you did not try not the disappointment that you may have
provided to someone else because you didn't pursue what they did. No, the disappointment,
the regret will come from the thing that you did not do. If you do it and you succeed,
believe me, all the people who wanted you to do the other thing, they'll embrace it.
They'll be happy for you... most will at least. Because even my grandpa said, "Well you know
what, I'd probably be one of those people who said you should've gone to college." But
I don't believe that one second anymore. I shifted his mindset and he believes totally
different. He agrees to everything I'm saying now. You know he's one of those people who
believe there's one way before and he sees the light. That's what I want you guys to
see the light. Either encourage others or know that you need to have confidence and
go at something with such conviction that people will do nothing more than want to stand
behind you. If they don't, then they better get out of your way so that you can prove
them wrong. Rock & roll my friends. I truly appreciate each and every single one of you.
I feel really lit up about today's video. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, give it
a THUMBS UP. If you're new here, SUBSCRIBE. There's a new video every single Wednesday.
Finally, if you wanna join the GEBBS VIP list, you can go to GebbsVIP.com or you can click
right HERE. Pretty cool. It'll take you right to the page. You put in your email and you'll
be on the list. You'll get awesome behind the list stuff that I don't share anywhere
else. So rock & roll my friends. Again, thank you so much for all the support, all the comments,
all the awesome feedback. You guys rock! Have an awesome week. I'll see you next Wednesday.
Rock & roll!
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What Motivates You | Fail Fast | No Regrets

1761 Folder Collection
Traffy published on August 1, 2014
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