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  • Last week was probably the best week of the  year. The stock market crashed and experienced  

  • a correction, as many people expected. Like  many of you, I was busy buying stocks that  

  • I was waiting to buy for some time already. Since the beginning of the year, I did not  

  • buy much except my favorite ETF since I was  expecting a correction. In the previous video,  

  • I have already explained why I believe the  stock market will keep rising this year,  

  • so in this video, I want to share with you what  are the best investments for this year. But  

  • before we do that, as much as I put effort  into these videos, at the end of the, I am  

  • not a financial adviser, this is not financial  advice, and everything that's said in this video  

  • is for educational purposes. In order to make the  best financial decision that suits your own needs,  

  • you must conduct your own research and seek  the advice of a licensed financial advisor.  

  • So do not do what I say in this video. 

  • QQQ 

  • The first investment that I believe is going to  do great this year and in the following few years  

  • is QQQ ETF. This is not your typical S&P500 ETF  but slightly different. If there is something we  

  • have learned from the past year, the tech will  grow much faster. The amount of money that's  

  • now poured into the new tech is unbelievableAnd as we are moving into this digital world  

  • of 5G, with self-driving cars and artificial  intelligence, the tech is undoubtedly going to  

  • have a much bigger impact on our lives. Of coursethe typical S&P500 ETF also invests in tech,  

  • but QQQ is almost just about tech because it  invests in the top 100 largest international  

  • and domestic companies listed on the Nasdaq stock  exchange. Unlike other exchanges, The Nasdaq is  

  • known for technology and innovation and is home to  the internet, biotechnology, and other companies  

  • at the cutting edge. As suchstocks listed on  the Nasdaq are considered growth-oriented and more  

  • volatile. Of course, that presents a higher riskhowever, that also presents a bigger opportunity,  

  • and since tech is clearly going to play a much  larger role in our lives in the coming years,  

  • the ETF is expected to grow significantly higher  than other ETF. While SP500 grew by 18 percent  

  • last year, QQQ grew by 50 percent. That's a huge  difference. That doesn't mean that it's going to  

  • continue rising, but if you believe that tech  is going to get even bigger where we are going  

  • to have smart cars, homes, cities and everything  connected through 5g in the next decade or so,  

  • then this is the ETF to stick to. It includes  within itself all the tech companies you can  

  • think about, from Tesla to Nvidia to Intel. If  one of them comes up with a revolutionary product  

  • or service, you will definitely benefit from  it as long as you are an investor in this ETF

 2. Quantumscape Corp 

  • The second stock that I believe that  

  • huge potential is Quantumscape Corp, but it's very  risky, so please do not invest in this company

  • If there is one technology that is certainly going  to play one of the biggest roles in the world is  

  • undoubtedly batteries. Batteries are already hugebut in the next two decades, the world is going to  

  • shift to a battery-based society, and that's not  because we want to do that, but rather we have  

  • no other choice. Climate change has left little  choice for us. Shifting to renewable energy is one  

  • thing but storing that energy is a whole different  story. Think about it, less than 2 percent of cars  

  • that are produced annually electric, and  we already have a shortage of batteries

  • How many batteries do you think we need  to be able to make the other 98 percent of  

  • cars electric. Even if starting from next  year every car that will be produced will  

  • be electric. We need like 15 to 20 years to  replace all existing engine cars with electric

  • Tesla is, of course, at the head of this industrybut Tesla uses lithium-ion batteries, which are  

  • great but preset fundamental problems. They are  expensive and take a long time to change, but  

  • Tesla solved that problem with a charging station  in your garage so that you can change your Tesla  

  • overnight while you are sleeping. That's a great  solution; however, if we want to go all-electric,  

  • we have to build more effective batteries, and  that's where Quantumscape comes into the picture.  

  • Traditional lithium-ion batteries use a liquid  electrolyte. The lithium dissolves in that liquid,  

  • drifts through the liquid, and gets the anode  and vice versa. But Quantumcape has replaced that  

  • liquid material with a solid material that will  make it possible to use a lithium metal anode.  

  • That's going to make it safer and double the  energy density and also make it faster to charge.  

  • In other words, the same battery  will provide you with a double range.  

  • Another disclaimer, I am not an engineer, so if  I got something wrong there, please correct me.  

  • But the technology seems very promising. VW has  already invested over 300 million dollars into  

  • this company and recently tested the technologyand it looks very promising. As the number of  

  • electric cars is increasing, this company  will be the major player in this industry

 3. Real estate 

  • You know what is the most important  

  • thing when buying a house. Your mortgage rateeven a slight difference, is going to be huge  

  • over 30 years. Getting a 0.5 lower rate will save  you a fortune. Last year, since the fed decreased  

  • the interest rates, getting a fixed mortgage was  probably one of the best decisions you could make.  

  • But, it was risky because the market could be  overvalued now. An overvalued market means a  

  • correction could be on the horizon. Besideswhen everyone is buying, it's difficult to  

  • find a good deal, nonetheless, possible. Mortgage rates went as low as 2.5 percent last  

  • year. In comparison, mortgager rates were 4.9  percent back at the end of 2018. Even in 2019,  

  • even before the pandemic, they were floating at  around 3.5 percent. So getting a mortgage at 2.8  

  • or 2.9 or even 3 percent is actually a good dealespecially if you spend some time finding a good  

  • deal in the market. 

  • Since buying a house is probably the biggest  single purchase in most people's lives, getting  

  • a lower rate is probably the best investments one  can make it. I am almost certain that in the next  

  • few years, the rates will just keep rising. 

  • 4. Any big stock 

  • If we are talking strictly about 2021, then  I think that any investment in any of the big  

  • tech is going to have a really good return this  year. It seems like everyone already agrees that  

  • inflation is just going to keep rising, so  keeping cash is going to hurt. But holding  

  • stock in any of the largest tech companies is  immune against inflation because no matter how  

  • fast the inflation rate is, these stocks are  going to rise even faster because we're going  

  • to have a lot of investors who have to keep  their cash somewhere. And one of the places  

  • they're going to keep their money is the big  tech. I've made a video recently talking about  

  • why the stock market could crash because it is  at least slightly overvalued but by a crash,  

  • I don't mean anything like what happened in 2020,  but it could be in a slightly bigger correction  

  • compare to what we have seen in recent weeksIf you haven't invested during the correction,  

  • then you probably missed a great opportunity  because a lot of stocks, especially the big tech,  

  • were down by 10% give-and-take. I personally  invested in many companies that I have already  

  • invested in before and invested in a few more that  I have shared with my patrons on my Patreon page

 5. VTI

  • I have already suggested multiple  SP500 efts in previous videos,  

  • but I would note that they aren't the  only options. There is a variety of ETS,  

  • and one of the most popular ones thatpersonally invest in is VTI. It doesn't  

  • just invests in the sp500 but in the entire  economy of the United States, starting from  

  • small caps to mind caps to largest companies in  the market. So it just moves with the market

  • It doesn't grow like falcon nine, but at the sameit's a safe bet. It's not just a good investment  

  • for this year but pretty for any other yearIt has a very low expense ratio which makes it  

  • a perfect option for long-term investmentsLast year it grew as much as the s&p500 did,  

  • sometimes it's higher sometimes it lower. I  personally invest in it every month just to  

  • keep my portfolio a bit diversified. And now it's time to get at least two  

  • free stocks from we bull if you  use the link in the description

  • If you have enjoyed this video, you will  most definitely enjoy this custom playlist  

  • that I have created specifically for  you that has our most popular videos  

  • on business, investing, and the stock market  that can potentially change your life

  • And now give this video the thumbs  up that it deserves and make sure to  

  • subscribe if you haven't done that yet. Thanks for watching and until next.

Last week was probably the best week of the  year. The stock market crashed and experienced  

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