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I just told myself I should never cry.
I had my nose shattered in a fight.
There are a lot of mixed signals in the world
I was told that being a man was being strong
What makes a man?
You don’t talk about your feelings a lot. It’s a very natural culture.
I never saw my dad cry except for once in my life. But it freaks me out.
I remember I was thinking that there was something wrong. I feel like a machine had like shut down.
You bury emotion as much as you can until you physically can’t hold it anymore.
Then you go somewhere privately and have yourself a little cry.
I never cry actually. I’ve ... only cried twice in the past 7 years.
I was always very much belittle for… any sort of, you know, displayed emotion.
You know, by back home, if somebody looks you the wrong way or bumps you the wrong way,
you kinda have to do something about it because it’s testing your manhood.
Don’t back down from fights. Don’t be afraid to pick fights.
There’s a lot of violence where I’m from. I’ve had my nose broken 3 times.
When you feel threatened is when you bow up, as when you, you know, try to get that swagger on this.
It’s just so bro-ing and unrealistic.
If I could install fears in others, then they would see me as a man.
When I think of masculinity, I think more of a gentlemen and carrying yourself with you know strength and weight,
not necessarily violence and aggression.
Masculinity shouldn’t require to dominate everything.
Thankfully for the opportunity to travel to different places, I’ve seen that men could be any number of things.
It’s not one concrete definition.
When I think of what I wanna be as a man, I wanna be a good man, I wanna be kind, I wanna look out for people.
There’s million types of man in the world, and there’s no right way to be a guy.
It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, who you love,
if you’re confident, most people see you as masculine.
It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to hug, hug ‘em in.
What do you think a man should be?
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What Makes You A Man?

15306 Folder Collection
Daniel Chin published on July 27, 2014    Daniel Chin translated    Ted reviewed
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