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Think rock paper scissors is a random game of chance?
That is probably why you aren’t winning.
Here’s a little science and dirty psychology to sharpen your game
and help you totally dominate at rock paper scissors.
First throw: If you’re playing against a guy, throw paper first.
Data shows that men often go with the manly rock on the first throw
so throw paper to totally emasculate him.
Remember to look at him in the eye and don’t smile when you do it.
Next throw: if you just lost, throw whatever would have beaten your opponent the previous role.
So, if you just lost a paper, throw scissors next.
Your foolish opponent will probably stick with the past winner and broke paper again.
If you won the first throw, congratulations!
Now switch it up because losers most often will not stick with the losing throw.
Losers often throw in a predictable order.
If he lost with rock, odds are he’ll throw paper next.
If he lost with paper, odds are he’ll throw scissors next.
Cycling through the name… rock, then paper then scissors.
Anticipate your opponent’s next throw by paying attention to what he just threw.
It will seem like you’re reading his mind.
Third throw: Most casual players will not throw something three times in a row.
So if he throws two rocks, you should throw scissors next
because he’ll probably abandon rock in a sweaty panic.
Now you’ve got him on the ropes.
And finally, close your eyes.
The mirror neurons in your brain can force you to copy your opponent in a split second before a throw.
Research shows blindfolded players win slightly more.
Plus how badass is it to screw someone at rock, paper, scissors with your eyes closed.
That’s some jedi shit right there.
Now go forth and demolish your opponents
but remember not to gloat instead give them a hug.
And tell them not to suck so bad next time.
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How To Win At Rock Paper Scissors

55901 Folder Collection
Go Tutor published on January 8, 2016
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