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  • Don't look now, but we mentioned it before in the show.

  • The Miami Heat have won nine of their last 10.

  • Perc and Paul have them both back firmly in the playoff race.

  • Shoutout Heat Islands.

  • There you go.

  • I need to go to that segment where I said they would make the playoffs.

  • And the reason why I saying And I were just Butler play like Jimmy Butler, And that's why I got the producer.

  • Danny was trying to save time.

  • And guess what?

  • We went right back there anyway.

  • Producer damages.

  • That's what happened.

  • We're almost out of time for today.

  • Before we go, the M V P candidate Joe Allen beat, suffering the bone bruise on his left knee and win over the Wizards.

  • That was, of course, Friday.

  • Now sources told logo and beads a CLM meniscus are fine.

  • That is very good news.

  • He will be re evaluated in two weeks.

  • Significant relief within the six or organization.

  • This isn't something much worse, So perk.

  • What do you think the significance is of this injury to the Sixers and, of course, to the M V P race as well?

  • Well, I have no concerns for us when it comes down to the sixth.

  • The sixties are well oiled machine.

  • Obviously, they're going to Miss Zhou M B.

  • But they got some guys that can step up.

  • They know they are stars in their role, and they're well coached by Doc Rivers for as the B and B health.

  • I have no concern with that as well, because he had some great mentorship around him.

  • Mentors.

  • When you look at Dwight Howard, Danny Green, Sam Cassell, Doc Rivers, so they're going to stay on top of him.

  • This is the best shape that we've seen them in in a long time.

  • And when you look when you talk about his MVP status is not going anywhere, he is going to be there three weeks.

  • Look, the 70 Sixes would not have one of the best records in the league without Joe L.

  • B.

  • Three weeks sitting out will not affect his MVP status period.

  • Well, I'm gonna tell you this part.

  • I'm very concerned about this injury because, for one, he's always been injured, and two, I've had a bone bruise in my knee and I'll tell you what, there's no timetable on this.

  • There's like bone bruises in the knee.

  • Mine took eight months to heal.

  • It's almost like you'd rather you'd rather have a break.

  • Yeah, I played on it, but it took eight months to hear I had no lift.

  • And it's different for a bigger guy who carries more weight.

  • Look, it gave out on me at times.

  • Uh, it was times I couldn't walk up the stairs.

  • And so bone bruises are I'm telling.

  • Some people said they would rather have a break than a bone bruise because you don't know and there's no timetable on it and you just don't you just wake up one day and it's better.

  • That is, Well, that's something that people don't know about, especially in the knee.

  • So I'm concerned, especially knowing his history and this being a bone bruise in a very bad spot and look.

  • His injury history is a factor to perk in terms of the mental kind of pressure on himself.

  • We saw one year and I can't even remember how the season's work because of the bubble and the interruption.

  • But I think it was last season, maybe the season before, where he was putting so much pressure on himself to play every game because he didn't want that tag of being injury prone that he ended up running out of gas.

  • I guess it was two seasons ago not really in shape for the playoffs the way he wanted to be injury wise.

  • Perk.

  • How much pressure do you think he's gonna put on himself?

  • I think he'll be fine because he has great leadership.

  • Once again, when you have Doc Rivers and as the head of your snake, he's gonna stand as hell Sam Cassell as well.

  • And then you have a guy like Danny Green, the ultimate leader, the ultimate champion.

  • I'm not concerned.

  • Technology is different.

  • And when Paul played 40 years ago, thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

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Don't look now, but we mentioned it before in the show.

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