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What's up everybody!
If you haven't realized already, we love Asian snacks.
And every single Asian country has their own types of snacks.
But today we want to focus on one little island called Taiwan.
Oh yes, Taiwan. Famous for Jay Chou, night markets, HTC, and boba.
Now, even though we've eaten a lot of these snacks growing up, don't get us wrong.
We are not experts, so we had to bring in Taiwanese expert... Crystal!
Hello (Chinese)!
How do you know so much about Taiwan?
Is it because you're a Fob?
Technically, I'm not a fob, but I go back to Taiwan so often that I'm fobbier than a lot of friends who are fobs.
Honorary fob!
Taiwanese snacks, let's go!
Almond puff pastries.
I am ready to get a mouth of Taiwan.
What do you remember about eating this growing up?
They're very flakey; I'm not allowed to eat this in my mom's car.
Is that why?
You know a snack is good when the crumbs cover your arm.
You have some crumbs on your mouth right there.
- Right there? - Oh yeah, you got it...
Messiest snack ever.
Do you know what I hate?
I hate flakey people.
Dude sorry man, I won't be able to make it... again.
Cream wafers.
It's just like a block.
These cream waffers are sugary, light, and great for building houses.
It's economical, structurally sound, better than gingerbread.
Check out those reinforced layers.
These wafers are really popular in other countries, too.
Look at all the languages they got in the front.
I'm vietnamese; I like the durian flavor.
Egg rolls, the other kind.
- You ok? - I'm all right.
Ha ha ha! My egg roll's way bigger than yours!
Guys, I ate so much of these eggrolls that I didn't even know about the dim sum egg rolls until I was like fifteen.
Green onion soda crackers
Smells just like a Chinese restaurant.
In a good way, this reminds me the green onion pancakes.
Hey, how many servings of vegetables is this?
Just keep eating.
I think the smell is actually stronger than the taste.
Fried cookies milk.
These just sound like wood.
IKEA cookies!
These are so crispy.
Kinda hurts my teeth.
I think these are made for hamsters
Some of these cookies are so dry you gotta drink something.
Can we do the jellos next?
Mango jelly! Egg pudding jelly!
We call this (Chinese).
When I was in the sixth grade, I would keep this in my backpack and trade it for Yu-Gi-Oh cards, or Pokemon cards,
Yeah, I was a hustler.
In mandarin pudding is called Bu-ding.
My old email used to be randompudding at hotmail dot com.
Don't you mean random "bu-ding"!?
Little Prince snack noodles.
The Prince noodles are basically just uncooked ramen with the seasoning in there.
I didn't know that this is an actual snack, but I remember a lot of Asian kids at school: They start eating the top ramen, and now they got an actual snack.
Yo, If we're all sipping hot water right now, it would be like ramen in your mouth.
Milk puffs!
What is this? A mini cream puff?
That's exactly what it is.
How did you do that?
Bin-Bin rice crackers
One of the craziest things about these delicious Bin-Bin rice crakers is their official flavor is MSG (monosodium glutamate).
Honey, why you have no boyfriend? You look so pretty. Bin-Bin!
They say that MSG is bad for you, but these still have no cholesterol, and it's vegetarian.
You win some you lose some.
I remember eating this specific type of Bin-Bin so much growing up especially around Christmas time.
Because it looks like snow.
MSG crackers sandwich between the frosted crackers.
Don't do this if you are a weak person.
This is the number 1 taiwanese snack.
Pineapple cakes.
Original pineapple, pomelo, green tea, and we got green onion.
- I remember growing up, my dad would eat so many of these... - Crystal you are on your way, we are shooting!
Sorry guys.
There's actually a lot of different levels of pineapple cakes.
There's a fancier type, a more authentic one...
Wait, so what type are these?
Gas station level...
We're on a budget.
What is pomelo?
- It's a grapefruit the size of my head. - Cool.
Green tea.
Green onion and pineapple.
Not the most common duo.
Okey, let's do this.
- I don't like it. - Yeah, I don't like it.
After trying the other flavors, I think I'm gonna stick with the original.
Rice popping snacks.
It has no taste.
Oh my nail!
From the outside it looks like a Rice Krispy Treats, so I'm looking forward to it.
It's alright.
Out of all the snacks that we tried, I can see Americans liking these the most.
I like this a lot more: Sachima cookies.
Do you have a scissor?
This is Asian Rice Krispy.
It's between a Rice Krispy and a cake.
Rice krispy cake!
I love this cake to this day.
Taiwan girl approve.
Time for dessert
Milk chewy candy.
We are little Asian kids eating Taiwanese snacks.
This is the brown sugar-milk-chewy-candy flavor. Let's get it.
Oh, it's chewy.
You know what this reminds me of?
Boba milk tea!
C'mon! doesn't this look like boba?
That was a lot of snacks.
- Yes. - One thing I noticed about everything that we ate today is that these have been around for a very long time.
My parents grew up eating the exact same snacks, so you can say they are pretty traditional.
So Crystal what you mean to say is that we just ate a bunch of snacks not only from your childhood but your parents' childhood too.
We just went back in time!
Taiwanese snacks bye bye!
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Bryan Pai published on April 24, 2018    Bryan Pai translated    Tina Cheng reviewed
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