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  • I'm a sentimental gal.

  • I need a fundamental power will depend on you.

  • You'll depend on me speaking fundamental, fundamental, fundamental friend dependability from with you.

  • Come with me.

  • It's fundamental, friend.

  • Dependability.

  • Here, here, here, here, here, here, here, Thing to do What you read is the baby.

  • I hope you like fast because my dog, he has to be real clean.

  • Okay, Rex.

  • Okay, In we go, Rex.

  • Everyone's getting organically.

  • We've got to wash away, Sleep in the top Clean.

  • You'll be because of fundamental friend dependability.

  • I will disinfect your whole and told me when you've got to jump up to your number The fundamental friend dependability down Rex, He'll he'll Rex Rex!

  • Naughty dog.

  • Rex Down my back, dog.

  • He'll wreck hell.

  • I'm glad you like about it.

  • I want you to be real clean so we can play.

  • Dress up, Down, wreck down boy.

  • Stay, Rex, stay.

  • I'm going to close the door so you won't run away.

  • Then we'll play golf, okay?

  • I always wanted a dog just for you and me.

  • Oh, proper.

  • We will be because you naughty dog.

  • You got your dress dirty.

I'm a sentimental gal.

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Snoopy, Come Home (1972) - Fundamental-Friend-Dependability Scene (3/10) | Movieclips

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