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  • the volume of this thing was like the size of a football oval, like it was really big.

  • Yeah, that particular beach.

  • You're always wary of ribs, and you could just see the ocean was just really wild that day.

  • And it was.

  • The waves were huge, mhm, mhm through the drone up and just saw this big I in the middle of the ocean.

  • It wasn't like close to the shore.

  • It was probably, I'd say, a kilometer off the shore, and I shaved my husband.

  • He's an ex professional fishermen, and I was like, I haven't seen anything like this before And he's like, No, I haven't I just thought I'd share it with my friends and things on Facebook that night.

  • Um and yeah, heaps of people were commenting on it.

  • Yeah, mhm.

  • Some of the places along the coastline hasn't really been touched by humans very much.

  • It's been very isolated.

  • It's difficult to get to its hard terrain, so your drone obviously helps with that because you can get to those places without having to physically walk them.

  • So out of the national park, the lakes and the inlets have dried up so much that Hamersley in at the pink one has turned pink because because of the high salt levels in the lake, my favorite time of the day is by the sunrise or sunset.

  • Absolutely.

  • We've got no city lights or anything like that to sort of get in the way of the natural light.

  • So it's basically just us and the edge of the bloody world and the ocean.

  • It's pretty incredible.

  • For me.

  • It's more about sharing.

  • My experience is definitely if it's just a really amazing place.

  • So hopefully I can catch that in my photographs and share the love around the bed.

  • Mhm, yeah.

the volume of this thing was like the size of a football oval, like it was really big.

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Capturing 'the edge of the world' and other rare phenomena - BBC News

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