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  • What do you think Drew Brees legacy is?

  • Well, I think he's gonna go down as one of the all time greats.

  • Anytime you pass for 80,000 yards, you lead the NFL.

  • Uh, you're number one in history in terms of, uh, passing yards, I believe touchdowns with 571.

  • If I remember correctly, his accuracy was one of the all, you know, one of the all time greats in terms of that, and I think that he was class personified.

  • I mean, a lot of noise was made during the whole social justice issue movement about you know, what his opinions were and how they differed from that of his teammate Malcolm Jenkins and others.

  • But the reality is that anybody that knows Drew Brees knows that he's been class personified.

  • He's been a voice on behalf of the players for the NFL Players Association.

  • Um, he's just a class individual.

  • He's a champion.

  • He's an all time great as a passer.

  • There's no doubt about that, and I'm looking forward to seeing him in the booth as well.

  • He's gonna have a challenge in that regard because I think that Tony Romo has raised the bar with his charisma.

  • Uh, not, you know, with his football acumen as well.

  • But we know that Drew Brees has that.

  • There's no question about that.

  • But having that charisma in the booth for, uh, NBC that'll be interesting to see.

  • But that's the only question mark about him.

  • Nobody's going to question his credentials.

  • Nobody's going to question the fact that he's one of the all time great quarterbacks and, to be quite honest with you, wanted the all time great people.

  • I'm sorry, and I think that who would have ever thought that we'd see a retirement announcement like that with your four kids and do It has such a beautiful, beautiful scene, but it's typical of what you get from Drew Brees, that guy that gets it done, Um, in this class, personified in doing so, and just leaves and touches on your heart strings and things of that nature.

  • I'm just happy for him.

  • He's 42 years of age and obviously thought it was time to go, and it is, uh, by and large by, by the way, most of us feel and nothing but the best to I'm looking forward, moving forward Um, look, Drew Brees is a Hall of Famer.

  • When you when I think Drew Brees, I will think accuracy.

  • He's the most accurate quarterback I've ever seen, and I I referred to the social media thing.

  • It went viral a little while back, where he's competing against an Olympic archer, an Olympic archer and the Olympic archer from the same distance.

  • Hits the bullseye like three out of 10 times and Drew Brees it at seven out of 10 times.

  • Something like that, he's more accurate with the football than an Archer Olympic archer.

  • Um, and I think New Orleans, you know, getting traded from San Diego, uh, to New Orleans.

  • He became and then and then the whole going through Katrina and then winning a Super Bowl there.

  • And then even what he says, he says, I'm retiring from football, not from New Orleans.

  • Um, I absolutely identify him with that area, but more than all that stuff, Drew Brees has something.

  • If you've ever been in the same room with him, ever talked to him?

  • And I have a couple of times through the years?

  • Um, he has something, guys.

  • Magic Johnson has this.

  • When Magic Johnson walks into a room, you can see that everyone in that room wants to be the best version of themselves.

  • It's they don't want to let Magic down.

  • He has that whatever it is he has that that makes people feel that way.

  • And he also somehow makes you believe in yourself.

  • Drew Brees, who have not dealt with nearly as much as Magic.

  • He walks into a room.

  • Everyone feels good and and there's something about it.

  • You mentioned charisma that Tony Romo has on the air.

  • It's a different kind of charisma or effect on other people.

  • And it is.

  • You can see why he was a great quarterback and a great leader, and that's what I'll remember about Drew Brees.

  • Yeah, I think Drew Brees is the greatest free agent signing in the picture of the NFL.

  • It's better than Reggie White.

  • He's better than Peyton Manning.

  • It's better than when Dion Sanders signed as a free agent.

  • I think he's the greatest, are one of the greatest players at his position to ever come into the NFL and he's probably a better person in comparison to the player that he was.

  • He absolutely, unquestionably has earned a seat at the table when we have the conversation of greatest of all times.

  • We're talking about a guy.

  • There's 11 times in the history of the NFL has a quarterback thrown for 5000 yards in a single season.

  • Drew Brees has done it five times.

  • He's got the greatest completion percentage in the history of the NFL.

  • Six out of the top nine seasons Drew Brees has.

  • There's been three quarterbacks in the history of the NFL that have a Q B R of 70 or more.

  • Tom Brady.

  • Peyton Manning.

  • Drew Brees.

  • He leads in yards.

  • He leads in completions.

  • Um, he's got the streak of complete touchdown passes on consecutive games.

  • 54.

  • He's gonna hold hold multiple NFL records.

  • He's one of the best quarterbacks that we've ever seen come into the NFL, but it's also his impact on just quarterback play.

  • You know, quarterback conversation.

  • 15 years ago, we used the word accuracy.

  • Max, you just did.

  • I actually think Drew Brees took it to a different level.

  • There's a different difference between being accurate and being able to have ball placement, his ball placements, the greatest ever.

  • And now that makes us look at quarterbacks a little bit differently.

  • I also question would Russell Wilson, B B.

  • Russell Wilson and the Russell Wilson that we know of without a guy like Drew Brees without a guy that was shorter and didn't have the strongest arm and how to make up for those things, how to take weaknesses and make them strength by work ethic and mindset and focus and all that stuff.

  • So I think his impact on football is unmeasured, and we don't really appreciate how great of a person when it comes to that.

  • He, Drew Brees was so greatest free agent signing in the history of the NFL to me.

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What do you think Drew Brees legacy is?

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