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  • mhm.

  • Yeah.

  • Thank you.

  • Ladies and gentlemen.

  • I don't mean to boast, but I've been coast to coast been all around town to town turning frowns upside down on a caper in the paper looking dapper But here's the capper Have no fear because I'm here.

  • So put down that beer, my dear, And tell me why are you here?

  • I can't hear you.

  • What do you want me to do now?

  • What is it you want me to smash?

  • Well, that I can do.

  • All right, Who's first?

  • We got you, sir.

  • Why don't you come on up here?

  • Yes.

  • Come on.

  • What we think both.

  • Okay?

  • Yeah.

  • Yeah.

  • Now, what's your name?

  • Greg.

  • Greg.

  • Ok, well, here we go.

  • Oh, you don't actually like your girlfriend.

  • What you like is the comfort of consistent companionship.

  • You're starting to realize this, but you feel like you're in too deep to get out.

  • Mhm.

  • Mhm.

  • Uh huh.

  • Okay, I got a million of them.

  • I got a million of them.

  • Who's next?

  • Who do we got?

  • Oh!

  • Oh, You want your date to come up here?

  • Okay, let's get her up here, huh?

  • What's your name?

  • Lindsay.

  • Okay.

  • Now, folks, What do you think I should do?

  • I don't know.

  • Are you sure?

  • What should I do?

  • Mhm.

  • Could you be more specific?

  • Yeah, well, if you insist.

  • Mhm, your abandonment issues are so severe you'll never let anyone get close to you.

  • And every time you think you've overcome it, you inevitably push people away.

  • Anyway, at this point, it's an instinct ingrained in you totally out of your control.

  • Any progress you think you've made is an illusion.

  • Mhm.

  • Mhm.

  • Mm hmm.

  • Okay, let's keep them coming.

  • Let's keep them.

  • So we've got a volunteer.

  • Come on up here.

  • Mhm, James.

  • His name is James.

  • Everybody okay?

  • Well, James, if you're ready, I'm ready.

  • Let's do it to it.

  • I only do this to assert dominance over others.

  • A feeling I'm chasing so I can prove to my father that I have value.

  • This chase for approval has consumed my entire life, even at an early age, robbing me of a childhood.

  • So I make the stage my playground with every move, the subtext.

  • Father, Look at me.

  • But he'll never be able to hear me from beyond the grave.

  • Yeah.

  • Why don't you finish the show?

  • Because Okay.

  • So who here, like sex?

  • Yeah.

  • Mhm.


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The Smash Man (feat. Joe Kwaczala) – 21 for ‘21

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/03/15
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