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  • My business partner and I have been watching you

  • from our apartment on Baker Street.

  • Your sister has a gift.

  • She can see things normal people cannot.

  • -That's the doctor's name. -John?

  • John Watson.

  • He knows much more than what he's telling us.

  • Some strange things have been happening recently.

  • 221B Baker Street.

  • Sherlock Holmes.

  • What do you think happened to him?

  • Sherlock Holmes doesn't exist anymore.

  • What the hell have you got us involved in?

  • Someone has opened a Rip.

  • The barrier between our world and the next.

  • What the actual

  • -It's coming back. Run! -What?

  • People are getting strange powers.

  • A demon walks amongst us.

  • So long as we can fight, we fight.

  • So if we don't find the Rip and close it, we're doomed?

  • He's the key to all of this.

  • I'm gonna prove it and end it.

  • -I don't want this. -Jessie!

  • This is just the beginning.

My business partner and I have been watching you

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The Irregulars | Official Trailer | Netflix

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