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Dead men float, jellyfish float. Knowing how to float is the foundation to swimming. How
to float on your belly in a dead man float. Push off in a streamlined position with your
face in the water. Glide forward and open up into a big letter X. Hold your breath for
about five seconds and then begin to exhale slowly. As you exhale, your body will begin
to sink to the bottom.
Bring your knees to your chest to bring your feet up to recover and stand up. Bring your
knees to your chest. Place your feet down on the ground to recover and stand up from
your dead man float. When floating, your body should be right on the surface of the water.
Your lower back and your heels should be right on top, as your hands are in front of you
reaching out into an open letter X.
When floating, a good technique is to hold your breath for a little time so you can get
a sense of buoyancy. As you begin to run out of breath, you can exhale your bubbles inside
the water so you can recover your body and stand up properly after you float. That's
how we do the dead man and the jellyfish float.
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Deadman Float aka Jellyfish Float | Swimming Lessons

3065 Folder Collection
Kevin Lo published on July 30, 2014
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