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  • Russell Wilson.

  • I take a look at him extending him after this season because he's good for another five years.

  • So I might want to see what his numbers are.

  • Um, if I'm Seattle or whatever team, if he's traded to who else is dear?

  • Next year it'll be Kyler Murray.

  • This is a big year for Kyler Murray.

  • Big year for Cliff Kingsbury.

  • Um, Josh Allen.

  • We mentioned you got to look at that deal.

  • Maybe that deal.

  • Maybe Buffalo learned something from the Carson Wentz Jared Golf that Prescott kind of conversation we're now if you wait, that number goes up significantly based on the television money that will kick in.

  • So it's all those guys, but Aaron Rodgers is the one guy that would probably be the 1st $50 million quarterback.

  • Russell Wilson is at $35 million a year right now, just still feels like he's underpaid to, considering he was an M v p.

  • Karen at the beginning of the year.

  • This deal is so relatively new, though, I think I think it's so fresh you need one more year to address it.

  • You get one more year and then you can kind of Russia is like, Look, we can worry about the contract later.

  • Just give me a damn old line.

  • Yeah, yeah, You do that, too, And we'll wait to see what happens because obviously again, not that he's going to be traded.

  • But one of those four options was Dallas that his agent, Mark Rogers, told Adam Schefter, Obviously that option is off the table.

  • It would never was on the table.

  • Yes, technically, technically, it's off the table now you're down to Chicago.

  • Chicago will need a third party with the Raiders and New Orleans Raiders.

  • New Orleans.

  • And I don't I don't see it happen.

  • New Orleans New Orleans is gonna do it.

  • I don't think they have the capital.

  • The value that you know to give Fort Russell Wilson.

  • Um, I don't think I think the Raiders are happy.

  • General Manager Mike May I said about a week ago, cars there, guy.

  • So I think that essentially is off the table.

  • Chicago Work out a deal with the Jets.

  • You have a three way trade.

  • Should they work out a deal with the Jets?

  • I mean, man, I'm If I'm Russell Wilson, why would I want to go to Chicago, though.

  • Well, look, I know, obviously you have some.

  • You have some thoroughbreds in Seattle, but Chicago is an incredible city.

  • It's a city which there's desperate need, right?

  • So when there's a desperate need, I have a chance to maybe mold like almost wet clay.

  • I can mold this organization the way I want it.

  • So if I'm having issues with Pete Carroll, he's not letting me do things the way I want to do it.

  • Matt Nagy and Ryan Pacer in position where they will allow Russell to do that.

  • He can own that city and own that franchise.

  • You So you want me to leave?

  • I'm not saying I wanted to leave.

  • I'm just No, If there's a if there's a position of power that you would want.

  • If Russell wants that, that's an option that he wants to flirt with Chicago, probably the one city where he will be able to have that kind of control and power.

  • Now I'm Russell Wilson.

  • Okay, so you want me to leave Tyler Lockett?

  • I understand the weapons.

  • That's why I said the weapons.

  • I prefaced it with saying the weapon I signed off on Shane the new offensive coordinator that came over from the Rams because we got rid of Brian Schottenheimer and I signed off on him to be my O.

  • C.

  • So I'm going to leave Seattle or Russell is going to leave Seattle DK locket.

  • We're gonna leave that to go to Matt Nagy look.

  • And nothing to throw, too.

  • If it comes, Alan Robinson is most likely going to hit the free agent market.

  • If it comes to a head with Pete Carroll.

  • Put your money where your mouth is.

  • So from the sea.

  • Doing that.

  • I'm sorry what you have.

  • I'm gonna stay in Seattle.

  • They I hear you saying, I'm just saying there's a plane about what we were doing From an offensive standpoint, we fired Schottenheimer.

  • I signed off and met with the new offensive coordinator.

  • I signed off on it that you gave me an opportunity to be involved.

  • So I'm involved in that.

  • Now I'm going to leave.

  • Well, here's my thing.

  • If your if your plan was to work it out like why even allow your agent, which it's not coming from?

  • The agent is coming from Russell Wilson, and he's been dead quiet about this whole thing.

  • Why even give the four options, like, Why?

  • Why do that?

  • Like I say, I'm not happy here right now.

  • I don't have to give four specified options with where I might want to be.

  • I'm just not happy with over I can.

  • I would have handled that so differently if I wasn't willing to put my money where my mouth was with the options that are out there.

  • Yeah, I think sometimes people say things to do things to be hurt and not necessarily really want what could potentially happen.

  • He just wants to be heard.

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Russell Wilson.

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